Svappavaara ( meänkieli Vaskivuori, Sami Veaikkevárri ) is a place ( tätort ) in the northern Swedish province of Norrbotten and Lapland historical province north of the Arctic Circle.

The place was built in the 17th century as Grubenort, and even today, the journeyman mining shaft LKAB is the largest employer, the processed here in a steel processing plant iron ore into pellets. The mine Svappavaaragruvan, actually Leveäniemigruvan, was in operation from 1964 to 1983 and was filled with water after the closure.

In the village there is a church from the 1960s, and according to the plans of the famous Swedish architect Ralph Erskine the house Ormen Långe was built, which is, however, partly no longer used today.

The European route 45 runs past Svappavaara. Also, here is a Erzverladestelle with connection to the iron ore railway.