Laponia (historical province)

Lapland is a historical province ( landskap Swedish, hence often referred to as 'landscape' translated) in Sweden. Your landscape symbols are the White Mountain Avens and the arctic fox.


The historic county is bounded on the west by Norway, the north and east of Finland, to the southeast by Norrbotten and south to Jämtland. It forms the northern part of the modern provinces of Norrbotten County and Västerbotten County. The main towns are Kiruna and Gällivare.

The very thinly populated fell landscape rises from east to west gradually and reaches at the Swedish- Norwegian border mountain heights of over 2,000 meters ( Kebnekaise, Sarek, Akka ).


In the 17th century also included large parts of today Finnmark to the Swedish Lapland. It was not until 1826, the border between Russia and Norway was drawn. The southern part of Lapland belonged until 1809 to fully Sweden. In 1809 Finland - and thus also the Finnish part of Lapland today - ceded to Russia and came to the present boundaries.