Kebnekaise (seen from Tuolpagorni )

The Kebnekaise ( Sami Giebnegáisi or Giebmegáisi to German as " boiler - comb" ) is 2,104 meters ( glaciated south summit, the north peak reaches 2,097 meters and consists of rock), the highest mountain in Sweden. He is a center and the highest point of the Kebnekaise massif in the northern part of the Scandinavian mountain range and is located in Lapland, about 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and about 70 km west of Kiruna.

From the starting point in Nikkaluokta there are fjällstation about 19 mostly easy going miles to the Kebnekaise, with 6 km at the lake Ladtjojaure can be covered with a boat. 13 km fjällstation behind the Kebnekaise meets the road at Singi on the King's Trail hiking route.

About two miles behind the mountain station on the way to Singi there are two ways to reach the summit:

In front of the Kebnekaise mountain Tuolpagorni is ( 1,662 m). At the eastern flank of the mountain in the valley of Tarfala a glaciological research station, where you can stay in a fully operating in the season hut also.

North of latitude on which the Kebnekaise is, there are no higher mountains across Eurasia more. Due to the special situation you can overlook about 10% of Sweden's total territory, which accounts for more than the total land area of Switzerland in clear weather from the summit.

Know the name in connection with the novel The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson with the wild geese by Selma Lagerlof and based thereon animated series. The Leitgans there carries the name " Akka of Kebnekaise ."

On March 15, 2012 a cargo plane collided Lockheed C -130 Hercules of the Norwegian armed forces with the west side of Kebnekaise, the five occupants were killed. The aircraft took part in a military exercise and was in bad weather on the way from Evenes to Kiruna.

View from the east across the lake Ladtjojaure to Kebnekaise massif.