Karl Lashley

Karl Spencer Lashley ( born June 7, 1890 in Davis (West Virginia ); † August 7, 1958 in Poitiers, France ) was an American psychologist from the school of behaviorism. He coined the terms engram and Äquipotenzialität.

Lashley studied at West Virginia University and Pittsburgh and in 1914 at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to the Ph.D. his doctorate under John B. Watson.

Later he worked at the University of Minnesota, the University of Chicago and was in 1935 at Harvard University. In 1942 he became the successor of Robert Yerkes Yerkes as head of the Laboratories of Primate Biology in Orange Park, Florida.

Lashley died in 1958 unexpectedly during a holiday trip in Poitiers, France, at the age of 68 years.