Kenny Davis

Kenny Davis ( born September 4, 1961 in Chicago) is an American jazz bassist, double bass and electric bass playing.


Initially heard Kenny Davis Rhythm -and- blues artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire, The Brothers Johnson, The Temptations and more. After he first taught the games themselves, he studied music theory with David Holder Sr. He attended Northeastern Illinois University, where he earned a "Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education ", a university degree in music education.

After attending the University, he discovered the jazz music and quickly became part of the Chicago jazz scene, where he played with Von Freeman, Ari Brown and Fred Anderson. Later he studied classical double bass performance with Warren Benfield of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and had a series of lessons with Jeffrey Bradetich. Some of his jazz influences are Ray Brown, Paul Chambers and Ron Carter. He was also influenced by the electric bassist Jaco Pastorius and Verdin White.

In 1986, he moved to New York where he played with Out of the Blue (OTB ) and was quickly picked up by the New York scene. There he made the opportunity studio sessions ( for video games such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and diet coke with Elton John ) and jingles. In New York, he began with artists such as Freddie Hubbard, Cassandra Wilson, Abbey Lincoln, Dianne Reeves and Art Farmer performing and studied with Ron Carter.

He arranged the song Tell Me You'll Wait for Me on Cassandra Wilson's album Blue Light Til Dawn, on which he plays along on other pieces, and which won a Grammy Award. The minimalist arrangement has to deal with the trio piece with vocals, bass and drums, with Davis puts his (probably subsequent ) coated with plucked bass solo itself.

During the 1990s, Kenny Davis toured with musicians such as Herbie Hancock ( April 99 in Japan, October / November 96 in Japan, Australia, Korea), Dianne Reeves ( April 98 in Japan and October / November 97 through Europe ), Art Farmer, and was at times member of Hasidic New Wave. 1999 Kenny Davis received a call from Kevin Eubanks, to work as a conductor and musical director of The Tonight Show Band, in which he was as bassist in September 1999 through March 2002

In June 2002, Kenny Davis moved back to New York, and he is touring again, picks up and teaches.

In May 2006 he was awarded a doctorate in music from Rutgers University.

Kenny Davis currently teaches at the UCONN ( University of Connecticut ).

He participates in the drummer Billy Kilson and pianist John Esposito projects. He joined a long line of jazz musicians who made a name for himself after the bebop, musicians of all styles and new younger jazz musicians.


As a sideman

  • Carla Cook, Simply Natural, MAXJAZZ 2002
  • Regina Carter Something For Grace, Atlantic, 1997
  • Cassandra Wilson Blue Light Til Dawn, Blue Note, 1993
  • Steve Coleman & Five Elements, The TAO of Mad Phat Fringed Zones, Novus, 1993