Khadija Mosque

The Khadija Mosque ( Urdu مسجد خدیجہ Masjid Khadijah ) is one of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community ( AMJ ) built in Berlin- Heiner village mosque, which was funded by the women's organization Lajna Imaillah. It is named after Khadijah bint Chuwailid, the first Muslim and first wife of the Prophet Mohammed.

The mosque community with about two hundred members was established previously in Berlin- Reinickendorf. The Imam Abdul Basit Tariq is, of the Ahmadiyya " Murrabi " (such as " educators " ) called, who was already active in Reinickendorf.


The Ahmadiyya community had planned their first mosque in Europe in Berlin as early as the 1920s. Pursuant to the request of the second head of the church, the women of the community donated the money for the construction. The foundation stone for the mosque while Dressel road was laid on August 5, 1923 in the Riehl / corner, but due to the currency crisis in Germany the construction project could not be completed. " The cost of construction of the mosque in Berlin be funded through donations ( Chanda ) the Ahmadi women. It will be invested for 50,000 rupees, which have the Ahmadi women collected within three months, "said Khilafat -ul Massih II in the Chutba Juma on 2 February 1923.

The remaining funds were invested in the construction of the Fazl Mosque in London. As part of the 100 mosques Plan the old project was revived and a planned mosque in Berlin. The Khadija Mosque is the first mosque in East Berlin after several mosques in West Berlin have already been built and the oldest mosque in Germany in Berlin- Wilmersdorf is.


The foundation stone was laid on 2 January 2007 in the presence of the Caliph Mirza Ahmad Masrur. The mosque on the 4790 sqm plot, on two floors, each accommodating 250 women and men. The design of the mosque dates back to her own words, according to the architect Mubashra Ilyas, the construction was the architectural firm Pakdel, which now claims the authorship of the plans for themselves.

The dome of the mosque is 4.5 meters high at 9 meters in diameter and the minaret is 13 meters high. The cost for the construction of the mosque and a neighboring building with two apartments for the Imam and the " servant of the mosque" ( Khadim - Masjid ) amount to 1.7 million euros. The mosque also has a public playground.


The mosque was opened in the presence of distinguished guests on 16 October 2008 in politics and society. Mirza Masrur Ahmad stressed the loyalty of his parishioners against Germany and expressed the wish to the local mosque opponents ". May they learn to accept the members of the Ahmadiyya community as a true German citizens " Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Thierse (SPD ) welcomed the construction of the mosque as an expression of religious freedom in Germany. Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit ruling (SPD ) certified her in a greeting message, " for religious and cultural tolerance in our city," to stand. Berlin's Interior Minister Ehrhart Körting (SPD ) expressed to the mosque building, " To me it is much more sympathetic when we see how in a mosque people like you and I pray. The slogan would have to be to abolish as many backyard mosques and replaced by new buildings open. We need more mosques. "

The local Citizens' Initiative ( IPAHB eV ) called for a demonstration, which was followed by approximately 150 participants. At the rally, saying, inter alia, René Stadtkewitz, Hiltrud Schröter and initiative spokesman Joachim Swietlik. In a counter-demonstration found under the motto " A band for Peace" 50 participants together, while the NPD canceled its announced demonstration.

On 17 October 2008 the caliph in the mosque held the first Friday sermon ( Chutba ) and six weeks later, the congregation invited to the first " Open Mosque Day ", to which about 500 visitors came. On Monday, 29 June 2009, a publicly accessible playground was opened in the grounds of the mosque.


The building permit for the construction of a mosque in Berlin- Heiner village went since March 2006, require considerable protests part of the local population, which continue on. The local citizens' initiative IPAHB eV criticized inter alia, that in the vicinity of the planned mosque site not a single Ahmadi Member would live. Planning permission was granted in December 2006. In spring 2007, a dump truck was burning on the mosque property. In June 2007, the mosque opponents moved to a demonstration by Pankow. In July 2008 Unknown smeared the dome of the mosque with Nazi slogans.

Given the escalation was formed in the fall of 2006 as well as the citizens' initiative " Heiner village open yourself ," with the request: "We take the concerns of impending changes seriously. We stand for a dialogue between different groups to overcome fears and to contribute to a respectful co-existence ".

From neighborly interest, but also to make a stand against the mistrust that is met with the Ahmadiyya community of parts of the population, the Evangelical parish Alt- Pankow, the Peace Circle Pankow and the church district have started an open dialogue in 2006 and repeated the Khadija Mosque visited. For example, invited Imam Tariq in September 2009, the Rev. Ruth Misselwitz and community members to break the fast at the end of Ramadan, a.

In February 2010, took place at the Schauspielhaus Hannover, the world premiere of mosque DE, a staged reconstruction of the mosque building history in Heiner village by Robert Thalheim and Kolja Mensing instead.