The Kingkey 100 (abbreviated KK100; vormaliger Project Name Kingkey Finance Tower ) (Chinese京 基100, Pinyin Jing -ji 100) is a skyscraper in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The 100 in the name refers to the number of floors.

After the end of March 2011, the final height of the building site was achieved, the building was completed in November 2011 before the planned opening date. With a height of 441.8 meters, the building is the tallest of the city and refers the 384 meter high Shun Hing Square on the second place in the city list. The building is also one of the highest on the globe. The 100 -story skyscraper has a hotel and a range of office equipment. In the upper floor there is a so-called Sky Garden with restaurants as well as a view option on the city and region. The height of the top level is 381 meters, is about her, only the rounded roof of the building.

The building has inside a massive concrete core, which protects stairwells, elevators and supply lines. The facade is clad with glass and consists of thick steel columns behind the targets. According to this construction method, many modern skyscrapers are under construction.

Kingkey 100 with the Shun Hing Square in the background, March 2011

Reaching the final height, March 2011

The building at night