55.67469166666712.587036111111Koordinaten: 55 ° 40 ' 28.9 " N, 12 ° 35' 13.3 " E


Inderhavnen, Port of Copenhagen

Knippelsbro [ knebəlsbʀo ː ʔ ] is a four-lane road bridge in Copenhagen, which leads over the Inderhavnen ( inner harbor ) and the Christianshavn district, with the town center of Copenhagen ( Indre By ) connects. It is a 115 meters long and about 27 meters wide bascule bridge, which can be opened from the bridge tower if necessary vessel traffic, but this rarely happens because the port activities have shifted to other areas.

The bridge is the subject on the new 200 -krone banknotes are in circulation since October 2010. The drawn by the artist Karin Birgitte Lund bill is part of a published up to 2011 2009 series, which has, among other things Danish bridges as a theme.


The first bridge at this point was from 1618 to 1620 under Christian IV built. It is named after the bridge keepers Hans Knip, who began his ministry in 1648, and was called up to the 19th century Knippensbro. Nachfolgerbauten were a 86 -meter long iron bridge of 1869 and the Møller bro of 1908, because the latter with the increasing traffic in the early 1920s could not keep up, the construction of a new was -. Today - Bridge decided the day after two years of construction, 17 December. was inaugurated in 1937.

In the film, Smilla's Sense of Snow ( 1997) by Bille August, the bridge is in an input scene is the starting point for the plot. She also has a brief appearance in the film The (probably ) last match of the Olsen Gang of 1974.

On 12 December 2009, the bridge was a platform for protest against the Copenhagen climate summit.