Konkola Copper Mines

Konkola Copper Mines is a public company in Zambia. It is located since 1999 to 51 per cent owned by the Vedanta Resources Plc. in London, to 28.4 percent in the Zambia Copper Investment Ltd.. and 20.6 percent of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings. Konkola Copper Mines is quoted on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, stock market, so do not traded. It is based in Lusaka, Independence Avenue. Originally also Anglo American was going to be in January 2002 but withdrew.

Konkola Copper Mines is the largest copper producer in Zambia. It operates the Konkola copper mines Deep in common with Sterlite Industries Ltd of India, which has a daily capacity of 100 tons, Nampundwe alone t with a daily capacity of 10.44 and Nchanga alone with a daily capacity of 112 tons of copper.

Konkola Copper Mines wants the production of copper concentrates of 180,000 tonnes per year in 2000 to 220,000 t and 2,500 t of cobalt in 2009 to increase and maintain the next 25 years. For this, 345 million were renewed the existing facilities for U.S. $. These are the mining equipment itself as well as the equipment for crushing, melting and refining. As of 2006, the deep and complex mining Konkola Deep will be expanded in a second phase, which is the largest ore deposits.

Konkola Copper Mines is target of violent criticism with regard to the pollution of the Kafue River with 10 mg copper, 38.5 mg of manganese and 1 mg of cobalt per liter in Chingola and Chililabombwe. These values ​​are around 1.000 percent copper, 77 percent for manganese and cobalt to 10,760 percent over the allowable limits. In Chingola alone be supplied 75,000 on drinking water lines with this water.

There are no accounts of Konkola Copper Mines. The sales may be at a copper price of U.S. $ 5,000 per tonne on the world market at full capacity at 1 billion U.S. $.