Konrad Weise

Konrad Weise ( born August 17, 1951 in Greiz ) was soccer player in the GDR Oberliga, the top division of the East German Football Association. He played there for FC Carl Zeiss Jena, with whom he has three Cup Winners' Cup. Way is 86 -fold national team and won gold at the 1976 Olympics. Later worked as a manner football coach.

Football career

League players

Way, joined in 1961 in the Sports Association (SPA) progress in his native Greiz and played there until 1966 in the youth teams. At the age of 15, he was delegated to the football focus of the region, the FC Carl Zeiss Jena. There, first played in the way youth and junior team. The carrier operation of the FC Carl Zeiss, he was trained as a toolmaker.

Shortly after his 19th birthday, he was set up on September 12, 1970 for the first time in a league game. In the encounter of the 4th game of the day of the 1970/71 season FC Carl Zeiss - 1 FC Magdeburg (3:1 ), he came on in the 59th minute for midfielder Rainer Schlutter. It was used in the first round only as a substitute, he fought his way into the second round with 13 full-time missions already a regular place in the league team. By the end of the 1971/72 season of 1.74 m great way between midfield and defense fluctuated, with the beginning of season 1972/73 he had found his place as Vorstopper. He remained in this position until 1984. Afterwards he took over, now already 33 years old, the Libero position he held until the end of his league career. In the 1985/86 season played way for the last time in the league team of FC Carl Zeiss. He denied again twelve point games, the match FC Carl Zeiss - 1 FC Magdeburg (1:2) on 19 April 1986, his last top-flight.

Among his most successful games with FC Carl Zeiss were the playoffs to the GDR football Cup in 1972, 1974 and 1980, where he went as cup winners from each place. In the league, it has been runner-up five times. In the 16 years of his membership in the first team of FC Carl Zeiss Jena way denied 419 Official matches: DDR - Oberliga 309 (17 goals), 51 national cup games (7) and 59 European Cup games ( 1). From 1975 to 1977 way captained the Jena league team.


On August 16, 1967 denied way his first official DDR game selection. In international match of the junior national team, he played on the left side of midfield. When UEFA Youth Tournament 1969 ( unofficial junior European Championship) he was named after a 1-1 draw against Bulgaria after drawing lots Second and 1970, also by drawing of lots after a 1-1 draw against Scotland unofficial European junior champion. In this way the tournament was captain of the East German youth team. Overall, completed way to 1970 27 junior internationals, where he was primarily used in defense. After the UEFA tournament of 1970, he has been seamlessly incorporated into the junior national team, for whom he also played seven matches as a defender until 1972.

Even before its first use in the GDR Oberliga way denied on July 26, 1970, his first senior international. In the 5-0 win over Iraq in Jena he came on in the 65th minute for midfielder Harald Irmscher and scored in the 88th minute 5-0. It took almost a year until he had sure of his next assignment to a regular place in the senior team. He first played in the midfield, later analogous to its league games as Vorstopper. During the Football World Cup 1974 played in all six games way of GDR selection, including the legendary 1-0 win against West Germany. At the crucial European Championship qualifier on 21 November 1979 in Leipzig against the Netherlands (2:3), he was in the 40th minutes - it was for hits by Rüdiger Schnuphase ( 17 ) and Joachim Streich ( 34 ) at this time 2-0 for the GDR selection - together with his opponent Tscheu La Ling dismissed. With his last game on October 10, 1981 against Poland (2:3) manner had denied ( 2 goals) A total of 86 international matches, putting us in 4th place of the ranking of the GDR national team.

His biggest international successes celebrated way with the football Olympic team of the GDR, with whom he studied until 1976, a total of 22 official matches of 1971. In 1972 he won the bronze medal with the Olympic team and on July 31, 1976 after a 3-1 over Poland in Montreal the gold medal at the Summer Olympics, for which he was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver.


During his time as a footballer manner had in 1983 acquired the diploma of a sports teacher. He brought with him the requirements to work as a coach in the future. Immediately after the end of his playing career took over the FC Carl Zeiss Jena way as a coach for the junior level. Under his guidance, talents grew as the later international Bernd Schneider, Jörg Böhme and Robert Enke. Later manner assistant coach of the league team of FC Carl Zeiss. 1998 left Jena manner and was at third division FSV Zwickau under Hans -Jürgen Dörner assistant coach. In 1999 he became himself the post of head coach, but increased after one year in the league from. After three years of its activity was terminated as head coach again. Then he coached until 2005 fünftklassigen 1 FC Gera 03 On 29 December 2010, it has been athletic director at the women's football club FF USV Jena in the women's Bundesliga.


  • Gold medal at the Olympics in 1976
  • Bronze medal at 1972 Olympics
  • Participation in the Football World Cup 1974
  • Winner of UEFA Youth Tournament 1970
  • East German Cup winner 1972, 1974, 1980
  • 1989 was chosen after a survey of the East German newspaper Neue football football week in the " dream team league 40 years ."

Private life

Konrad Weise is married and has a son born in 1982. In Greiz he operates the way Konrad sporting goods retailers. As hobbies he lists not only the sporting events reading and cinema.