The FF USV Jena (full name: Women's Soccer University sports club Jena eV ) is a women's football club based in Jena. The club split in 2003 from the biggest sports club in Thuringia, the USV Jena, from. The first team rose in 2008 in the Bundesliga.

  • 4.1 squads


In 1991, the USV Jena last East German women's football champion and was promoted to the Bundesliga. There, however, they had no chance and immediately rose again. Only after the turn of the millennium it went back up. 2003, it was master of the Regionalliga Nord. In the promotion round one but failed. The decisive game they lost at home against Hamburger SV. A year later qualified you for the newly formed 2nd Bundesliga. There they were divided into the southern group and took went straight to number three. In the following season could confirm third place. According to the vice championship in 2007 he spent one year later as a master to return to the top flight.

The greatest success for the league title in 1991 celebrated the club by participating in the DFB Cup Final 2010. More than 26,000 spectators in Cologne they lost the clear favorite FCR 2001 Duisburg, who took six international players, only about 0:1. After the season, head coach Heidi 's father stepped back, her successor was Thorsten Müller fence, but this was on leave in the season 2010/11 after a few months because of persistent failure. Then the team was initially adopted on an interim basis goalkeeper coach Daniel Kraus and only recently committed assistant coach Michael Zahn. Since neither Kraus nor tooth have the required coaching license, the former East German national team Konrad Weise took over in early 2011 as coach at UPS. Kraus and tooth were his assistants.

Since the DFB this constellation tolerated only until the end of the season and a full-time coach demanded for the new season with 'A' license, the former national Martina Voss -Tecklenburg was engaged as a trainer for the 2011/12 season. In February 2012, the former second-division professional of FC Carl Zeiss Jena Daniel Kraus was appointed as the new coach and former football referee Anja Kunick took over the management.

In July 2012, the club was awarded by the German Olympic Sports Confederation with the Green Belt for its youth development program. On July 17, 2012, the entire Board of Directors met, including a CEO and President Ralf Schmidt- Röh, from his position back. On August 20, 2012, actor and director of the Jena cabaret Arnd Vogel, elected as the new President and CEO. On November 9, 2013, the club signed a cooperation agreement with the FFC Gera, which allows the free exchange of Jena reserve and perspective players. The FF USV mean to the young players lack of match practice and grant them slowly introduce them to the Bundesliga team.


Squad 2013/14 season

Acquisitions and disposals 2013/14 season

Transfers during the 2013/14 season

As of February 1 2014 ( Alphabetical Order )

Well-known former players

  • Genoveva Añonma ( Equatorial Guinean national team )
  • Sylvia Arnold (U -20 World Champion 2010 )
  • Adjoa Bayor ( Ghanaian national team )
  • Anna pallor ( U-19 World Champion 2004)
  • Jana Burmeister ( U-19 European Champion 2007)
  • Carolina Carioca ( Equatorial Guinean national team )
  • Melanie Groll ( German national team adh )
  • Doreen Meier ( GDR national team and later coach in the Bundesliga )
  • Crystelle - Ida Ngnipoho - Pokam ( Cameroonian national team )
  • Kathleen Radtke ( adh German national team )
  • Griselda Meissner ( German national team adh )
  • Mirte Roelvink ( Dutch national team )
  • Steffi Scheitler ( record player of FF USV Jena)
  • Fata Salkunič ( Slovenian national team )
  • Tessa Rinke ( U-19 World Champion 2004)
  • Heidi 's father ( GDR national team )
  • Petra Weschenfelder ( GDR national team )
  • Nike Winter ( Austrian national team )

Well-known former coach

  • Daniel Kraus
  • Heidi 's father
  • Martina Voss -Tecklenburg
  • Hugo Weschenfelder
  • Thorsten Müller fence


  • NOFV champion and promotion to the Bundesliga in 1991
  • Master 2nd Bundesliga South and promotion to the Bundesliga in 2008
  • Master Regionalliga Nord 2003, 2008 ( second team )
  • German Cup Finalist 2010

The second team

The second team (until 2005: FF USV Jena Amateurs, since official: FF USV Jena II ) is also a professional team and plays in the second-class 2nd Bundesliga Nord since 2011.

At the end of the 2010/2011 season in the Regionalliga Nord, you could celebrate the direct promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga Nord and closed in the first season in 9th place from.



The B- juniors of FF USV Jena take in the season 2010/2011 for the first time in the game mode of the boys part, they enter the national league against junior by a year or two C- juniors.