The Konstfack ( Swedish for art specialist ) is an art school founded in Stockholm, Sweden 1844.

Konstfack, Sweden's largest art and design school. Since 2004, the school in the old premises of the telecommunications company Ericsson is the Midsommarkransen in southern Stockholm. The building was built in 1935-1948, designed by T. Wenner Holm telephone factory. It was converted into an art and design school with an area of ​​20,300 m². It now enjoys the protection of a monument.


1844 started Nils Månsson Mangelgren artist and ethnographer, a Söndags - Rit - skola för Handtverkare (Sunday Drawing School for Craftsmen ). There were nine different craft professions, including Stove setter and silk weavers.

1845, the school at the newly formed Svenska Slöjdföreningen was passed ( Swedish Association for craftsmanship ) and was named Svenska Slöjdföreningens skola.

In 1857, the first two female students were admitted: Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Sofi Granberg and Matilda Andersson. The following year, all female students were welcome.

In 1859 the school was officially changed its name to Tekniska skolan (Technical school).

1945 was the Konstfackskolan ( Art School ). The various branches were teaching decorative painting, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, metal work, advertising and bookbinding.

In 1959, the new school building by the architect Gösta Åberg was inaugurated on Vallhallavägen 191 in Stockholm. Now the students were well equipped workshops.

1978 Konstfackskola was declared to college.

In 1993, the school got its present name Konstfack.

2004 pulled the college in the renovated factory premises of the company on a Ericsson Midsommarkransen.

Known graduates ( selection)

Ordered by time

  • Carl Milles, sculptor
  • Elsa Beskow, illustrator
  • Wilhelm Kåge, ceramist
  • Carl -Axel Acking, Architect
  • Astrid Sampe, textile artist
  • Lena Larsson, interior designer
  • Sigurd Persson, silversmith
  • Stig Lindberg, ceramist
  • Signe Persson - Melin, ceramist
  • Carl -Arne Breger, designer
  • Tom Ahlström, A & E Design
  • Hans Ehrich, A & E Design
  • Bertil Vallien, glass artist
  • Ulrica Hydman- Vallien, glass artist
  • Carl Johan De Geer, Illustrator
  • John Kandell, furniture designer
  • Lasse Åberg, Illustrator
  • Stina Wirsén, illustrator
  • Jonas Bohlin, furniture designer
  • Mats Theselius, furniture designer