Stockholm School of Economics

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The Stockholm School of Economics (Swedish: Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, Official English name: Stockholm School of Economics) is a private, international business school in Stockholm with almost 1,900 students and 300 academic staff.

The Stockholm School of Economics was founded in 1909 as a foundation to strengthen the education in economics in Sweden. HHS for its famous economists Eli Heckscher, Bertil Ohlin and Gunnar Myrdal became known; current rector is Karl- Olof Hammarkvist.

The Graduate School is one of the most respected business schools in Europe. Exemplary ranked the world's master in finance in the international Financial Times Ranking 2013 the 12th Place. According to the international QS rankings, the University of the 26th place worldwide in economics. The university is accredited by EQUIS and the Swedish representative in the association of leading graduate business schools and multinational companies CEMS, belonging to the internationally renowned institutions such as the London School of Economics and Political Science, HEC Paris and the University of St. Gallen. All Bachelor's and Master's programs are free for citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The university is highly selective in the allocation of study places: 2012, 3261 students competed for the 150 seats in the Master of Science programs at the University.


The Stockholm School of Economics is divided into 7 faculties and 29 research institutes.

  • Faculty of Management and Administration ( företagande och ledning )
  • Department of Marketing and Organization Theory ( marknadsföring och strategic )
  • Faculty of Accounting and Business Law ( Redovisning och rättsvetenskap )
  • Faculty of Economics ( nationalekonomi )
  • Department of Finance ( finansiell ekonomi )
  • Department of Econometrics and decision support systems ( Ekonomisk statistics och beslutsstöd )
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​( Språkavdelningen )

Well-known Alumni

  • Alexander Bard
  • Gunnar Bergvall
  • Jon Carlzon, CEO of SAS Group
  • Soki Choi
  • Ulf Dinkelspiel
  • Klas Eklund
  • Fredrik Eklund
  • Elon Ekman
  • Eli Heckscher, co- developer of the Heckscher- Ohlin theorem
  • Per Krussel
  • Erik Lakomaa
  • Kristian Luuk
  • Gunnar Myrdal, Nobel laureates and politicians
  • Ann -Christin Nykvist
  • Bertil Ohlin, Nobel Prize winner, co- developer of the Heckscher- Ohlin theorem and politicians
  • Johan Renck
  • Ruben Rausing, founder of Tetra Pak
  • Lars E.O. Svensson, Chairman of the Swedish National Bank
  • Örjan Sölvell
  • Margaretha af Ugglas
  • Anne Wibble
  • Mats Qviberg
  • Peter Wolodarski