Kraftwerke Oberhasli

The power plants Oberhasli AG ( KWO short ) is an operator of hydroelectric power plants in Switzerland. With nine hydropower plants and eight reservoirs it produces about 2350 gigawatt hours ( GWh) of electricity. Its headquarters is located in Innertkirchen in the canton of Bern.

  • 6.1 Grimsel Hydro
  • 6.2 Grimselwelt


The company is owned by the BKW FMB Energie AG (share 1/2 ) IWB (proportion 1/6), the Energy Water Bern (proportion 1/6) and the City of Zurich (proportion 1/6).


At the end of the 19th century, the excellent suitability of the Grimsel and Susten area were recognized for the use of water power: Abundant rainfall, large pieces of land, stable granite base and great differences in altitude over a short distance. On 20 June 1925, the BKW FMB Energie AG founded in Bern, the power plants Oberhasli AG, a partner company with headquarters in Innertkirchen. 1928, in the Canton of Basel- City of KWO. End of 1930, then participated in the city of Bern, 1938, the Zurich city on the KWO. The ownership structure remained unchanged since then (participation ratios see above).

Expansion phases

Power plants


The KWO uses water from eight reservoirs for electricity production from hydropower. The net capacity of these lakes comprises a total of 195 million cubic meters. That's a little more than a quarter of the annual rainfall in the KWO concession area.

Eco- certification

1600 GWh of electricity KWO since 2005 with the label naturemade basic as energy from renewable sources certified.


Grimsel Hydro

Grimsel Hydro is a service company for maintenance, optimization, and new manufacture of impellers as well as for service and repairs of hydraulic machines and end organs. Emerging from the created for its own revision needs " turbine workshop ", Grimsel Hydro offers its services on the market today and externally to.


Under the slogan Grimselwelt KWO summarizes his involvement in the tourism sector together. These include the power plants and former industrial railways KWO that have been opened for tourism, as well as bridges, trails, restaurants and hotels:

  • Meiringen- Innertkirchen -Bahn (MIB )
  • Gelmerbahn
  • Triftbahn
  • Cableway Handeck - Gerstenegg
  • Tällibahn
  • Children and Family Handeck
  • Historical Alpin Hotel Grimsel Hospice
  • Restaurant and Berghaus Oberaar
  • Alpine hut Bäregg
  • Restaurant and Berghaus Tälli
  • Visitor Center Hospice
  • Drift bridge
  • Reservoir visit