The Kukkiwon, also known as World Taekwondo Headquarters ( World Taekwondo Headquarters), and location of the World Taekwondo Academy (World Taekwondo Academy) is the official Taekwondo - governmental organization in South Korea. It is overseen by the Department for International Sport of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Seat of the Kukkiwon is 635 Yeoksam - Dong ( 역삼동 ) in the Gangnam- Gu district ( 강남구 ) of the South Korean capital, Seoul. Construction of the main building was November 19, 1971, the end of the construction work on 30 November 1972, the official name Kukkiwon was not announced until February 6, 1973. In the integrated Wettkampfstätte 3,000 spectators can be accommodated. The three storey building is - similar to the official residence of the South Korean president - covered with blue tiles Kiwa.

In May 1973, the Kukkiwon and the Korean Taekwondo Association have organized the first World Taekwondo Championships with 200 competitors from 17 countries. Since September 1974, the Kukkiwon maintains a demo team.

Kim Un -yong was the first president of the Kukkiwon, he entered on 15 November 2001 back from his post. He was followed Uhm Woon -kyu, the member of the Chung Do Kwan was elected on 2 March 2004. In February 2010, he was replaced by Lee Seung -wan; in July Kang Won- sik was next Kukkiwon President.


The Kukkiwon sees itself as a global center for the training of Taekwondo instructors. It is home to the World Taekwondo Academy and are official Dan and Poom certificates from. The main objectives are:

  • To help people to strengthen their intellectual and physical powers by making cultural Taekwondo
  • To present philosophy of Taekwondo and opportunities to boost Korea's national prestige abroad


The rules of the World Taekwondo Federation ( WTF ) Participants must be carriers of confirmation of the Kukkiwon Black Belt ( Poom or Dan ) on WTF competitions accordingly. In the regulations of the Kukkiwon, there are 21 articles regarding Poom and Dan examinations. Under Article 2 of these are applicable to all students and teachers of the national WTF Taekwondo associations. The WTF is made in Article 4, the requirement to support national associations in the smooth implementation of Dan examinations.

The Kukkiwon has significantly contributed to Taekwondo was introduced in the Asian Games since Seoul in 1986 and since the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 Olympic sport is.

Exams and graduations

Article 8 of the examination regulations of the Kukkiwon leads to limits on preparation time and age tests for higher degrees; Thus the minimum period that a candidate must hold his degree before the next test is possible - just as the minimum age for admission to the examination. Up to and including 5th Dan is observed when the age limits, if the candidate once wore a Poom. However, the boundaries are not rigid; For example, exceptions can be made under article 17 winners of the Olympic Games and other major world tournaments. Article 18 allows that also apply Taekwondo athletes without Kukkiwon degree (for example, non-members of the WTF ) is a Kukkiwon certificate.

Demo Team

When Kukkiwon some athletes work full-time in a " demo team "; a group that presents possibilities of Taekwondo worldwide in performances. In an interview mid-1990s, the team leader Choe Man -seek has described the role of the group:

"We travel to many countries promo ting Taekwondo and doing promotional work for the [ World Taekwondo ] Federation. The team Has Performed every year in Europe, Asia and Africa ... Kukkiwon dispatches Their World demonstration team to promote Taekwondo in thesis countries as well as in other countries where Taekwondo has not yet published spread "

"We travel to many countries and do there advertising for Taekwondo and the [ World Taekwondo ] Federation. The team had every year performances in Europe, Asia and Africa ... The Kukkiwon sent his demo team to support both Taekwondo in these countries than in other countries where Taekwondo is not yet widespread, to make known. "

Many team members have won at South Korean Championships; all carry the 3rd to 5th Dan.


In addition to his starring role as governing body of the Kukkiwon is a major tourist attraction for visitors to Seoul. The Kukkiwon offers a " Taekwondo Experience Programme " for ₩ 20,000 (approx. € 15) at. It introduces basic positions, self-defense and fracture test is given. The online newspaper The Seoul Times has reported that the Kukkiwon is sometimes to move into the Muju Taekwondo Park, which is expected to open in 2013.