Kurt Felix (television presenter)

Kurt Paul Felix ( born March 27, 1941 in Wil, Canton of St. Gallen, † 16 May, 2012 St. Gallen) was a Swiss television presenter and television journalist, who also owned the Italian citizenship since 1995.


When Felix was eleven years old, his parents divorced and he was raised by foster parents. Early on, his interest in radio radio plays that he wrote already at school itself and some of which were also sent developed. He also produced audiotape interviews with celebrities who were teenagers in 1960 broadcast of the Austrian broadcasting in radio show Hi. After which it is entrusted organization of an entertainment evening he had succeeded to the Force during his military service, he applied for television. In 1962 he received his first contract for participation in a TV program while he was working in 1962 in the main job after completing the Teachers' College in Kreuzlingen as a teacher since 1961 and was occasionally worked as a radio reporter and newspaper journalist. In 1965 he accepted a full-time position at Swiss Television SF DRS, and was first editor in the Department of Culture and Science. In 1978 he was. Within the Department of Entertainment, in which he had joined in 1973, Head of quizzes and games He developed and moderated own successful program formats, particularly entertainment programs ( Stöck - Wys Stitch, Welcome Mitenand, Cineman ).

From 1980, he hosted the show he developed Candid Camera? in the First German Television and finished a year later his many years as a moderator of Cineman Swiss television. From 1983 to 1990 Felix stood on Candid Camera? had celebrated together with his wife Paola front of the camera after the walk as short-term eingesprungene representative for Harald Juhnke in the music show two songs in 1982 on ZDF around the world their successful joint moderation debut.

At the height of his career and on his 50th birthday in 1991 Felix moved behind the camera. He developed the Saturday night show A red carpet for ..., was a consultant on the program Understand fun?, Works as a television columnist, among others, in the Swiss magazine, the Sunday view and the St. Galler Tageblatt before 2008 his occupation ended permanently.

On 24 June 2011 he was awarded the Swiss Television Award for his life's work in Zurich. He received the award from his longtime friends Frank Elstner and Karl Dall.


Felix married in 1980 his second wife, the singer and television presenter Paola Del Medico. In 1988 she was elected to the Representative of a survey of public opinion research institute Emnid by viewers as the most popular presenter couple on German television.

Kurt Felix's son Daniel ( b. 1966 ) comes from the first marriage and works for Swiss TV as station manager. They shared a passion for railways.

To Kurt Felix's hobbies was to migrate new Swiss motorways before their opening to traffic, with his yacht to sail the lakes and the Alps to tour Central Europe and Italy.

In 2003 he retired due to a thymoma cancer back into private life. The intensive medical treatment was initially successful, so he extended periods of time free of symptoms could then live in their homes in St. Gallen and in Italy with his wife. In early April 2010, a new outbreak was diagnosed with cancer, so he had to cancel all ongoing obligations. Kurt Felix died on 16 May 2012 at the age of 71 at his long-term illness at the Kantonsspital St. Gallen. Three days later he was buried in the East Cemetery in St. Gallen. On 31 May 2012 a public memorial service was held in St. Gallen in St. Lawrence Church.


  • The great books quiz

Presentation of the Youth TV show about books, 1965.

  • Club 66

Also known as " Club 67 " and " Club 68 ", depending on the broadcast year; Author and presenter of the TV youth program with music and quizzes ( a total of 24 episodes), 1966-1968.

  • Stöck - Wys - stitch

Development of the transmission format; Moderation 1968-1969 first interactive broadcast in Switzerland around the popular card game in the Alemannic region Jassen. ; now bears the name of the program Samschtig - Jass.

  • With steam and folk music

Inventor of the program, author and director. Euro vision broadcast ( DRS, ORF, ZDF) with folk music. Search by railway performers picturesque landscapes in Central Europe.

  • Welcome Mitenand

Entertainment show that Kurt Felix developed, designed, and 1971/1972 hosted together with Rosemarie Pfluger. In the show, the Swiss of the Year is selected and collected money to rescue Swiss cultural monuments for the first time.

  • Business opportunities

Author and presenter. Show at Radio Exhibition in Zurich, 1973.

  • Illusions

Author of Vision Euro - guessing game; proposed as a moderator of the DRS, but was rejected by ZDF.

  • Cineman

Development of the transmission format, author and presenter. Entertainment program with a hidden camera, quiz elements, sketches and show blocks (1974-1981), who scored the highest ratings in the history of Swiss TV with up to 70 percent.

  • That's TV

Author of the " Bronze Rose of Montreux " and the " Chaplin price " excellent sketch show.

  • Songs go around the world

ZDF - music show, along with Paola moderated, 1982.

  • Friday Party

SWF eve end of the series, co-host with Paola (6 episodes ), 1983.

  • Understand fun?

Development of Cineman, author. Hidden camera in the ARD from 1980 to 1990; in 1983 as Saturday night show in co-host with his wife Paola; 1991 and 1992, the pranks were presented in a best-of- series in the evening program of the ARD.

  • Super Hits

Saturday evening show on Swiss TV about records and millions in 1987 until 1991.

  • Classic with Kurt Felix

Presentation of his favorite pranks with hidden camera ( in the third party programs in the southwest, to the north of WDR and MDR ), 2001 and 2002.

  • A red carpet for ...

Development of the transmission format. In this 2006 broadcast Saturday evening gala was about a famous Swiss entity or a foreign celebrity resident in Switzerland. The show was canceled after three episodes.