KV7 Tomb of Ramses II

The tomb KV7 is the ancient Egyptian tomb of the King ( Pharaoh ) Ramses II ( Ramses the Great ) of the 19th Dynasty. It is centrally located in the Valley of the Kings, opposite the grave system of his sons, KV5 and close to his son and successor, Merenptah, KV8.

Design and Decoration

The grave chamber is centrally located in the tomb and has a vaulted ceiling. Parts of the decorations have been by the constant flooding that reached into the tomb, damaged or even destroyed. Visible are still the murals with the Litany of Ra, Book of Gates, the Book of the Dead, the Imydwat, the book of the cow and scenes of mouth opening ceremony.

The mummy of Ramses II was brought to the 22nd Dynasty to protect from grave robbers in the Deir el- Bahari. The actual grave was then used again in the Third Intermediate Period and in Roman times for burials.