LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem was the solo project of music producer James Murphy, co-founder of Electro punk label DFA Records. The music of LCD Soundsystem system can be described as a mix of dance and punk, but also includes elements of disco and other styles.


Murphy takes all the songs in a studio on live he is from Tyler Pope (! / Out Hud ) on bass, accompanied Phil Mossman on guitar, keyboard and rhythm instruments, Nancy Whang on keyboards and Pat Mahoney on drums.

A larger audience became known LCD Soundsystem in 2002 with the single Losing My Edge. Pitchfork Media elected him in the summer of 2009 with the selection of the Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s to 13th 2005, the debut album appeared in LCD Soundsystem. The published in March 2007 second album Sound of Silver was also well received by critics.

In 2006, LCD Soundsystem released for Nike a 45- minutes and 33 seconds long track called 45:33, which was composed especially for joggers and in its dynamics should correspond to the physical sensation during a jogging run. This was published with some old B-sides in October 2006. This resulted in a dispute with former Ash Ra Temple guitarist Manuel Göttsching. Murphy had copied for the artwork of the cover of 45:33 Göttsching most important plant E2 - E4 for the most part, without having obtained obtained the necessary rights

2008, the song Get Innocuous from the album Sound of Silver as the background music of an advertisement for the game Grand Theft Auto IV was used.

2010 James Murphy was responsible for the background music of the film Greenberg.

For the console game FIFA 11 also was the track "I can change" used.

For the work published in 2010 This Is Happening Murphy announced that it would be the last album and he wants to focus their attention his label DFA. The last concert of LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden was held with the Shut Up and Play the Hits Concert documentation and published in 2012.



  • LCD Soundsystem - (January 2005)
  • 45:33 - (October 2006)
  • Sound of Silver - (March 2007)
  • This Is Happening - (May 2010)
  • London Sessions - (November 2010)
  • Shut up and play the Hits - (2012 )


  • Losing My Edge - (July 2002)
  • Give It Up - (July 2003)
  • Yeah - (January 2004)
  • Movement - (November 2004)
  • Disco Infiltrator / Slowdive ( Siouxsie and the Banshees cover) - (June 2005)
  • North American Scum - (March 2007)
  • All My Friends - (May 2007)
  • Someone Great - (March 2008)
  • Bye Bye Bayou - ( November 2009 Original: Alan Vega )

Digital Publications

  • Introns - (March 2006)
  • Nike Original Run - (October 2006)
  • A Bunch of Stuff EP - (September 2008)
  • London Sessions - (November 2010)