Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Iceland (English Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Iceland ) is the legislature of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Iceland. It meets at Province House in Charlottetown.

The Legislative Assembly consists of 27 members who are elected in equal number, approximately equal-sized constituencies by majority voting system. Thus, Prince Edward Iceland has the smallest province in Canada's Parliament. The leader of the majority party is the same as the Prime Minister and is the Executive Council (executive council) said Government ago. The three main tasks of the Legislative Assembly are the adoption of new laws, approving the state budget and the government's control.

Before the 1996 elections, the province was divided into 16 constituencies, each with two deputies. A deputy was entitled assemblyman, the other councilor. It was a remnant of the old bicameral system - rather than to abolish the House of Lords as in the other provinces, both chambers were fused in Prince Edward Iceland. All voters of a constituency chose the assemblyman while only land owners could choose the councilor. This scheme was abolished in 1963, which was virtually no difference.

Current composition

Last election: October 3, 2011

Seat numbers in previous elections

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