Leslie Lamport

Leslie Lamport ( born February 7, 1941 in New York) is an American mathematician, computer scientist and programmer. In 2013 he received the Turing Award for his contributions to the theory and practice of distributed and concurrent systems.


Lamport graduated in 1960 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in mathematics from. 1962 to 1965 he worked part-time for the Mitre Corporation. In 1963 he gained at Brandeis University, the first MA degree (Master of Arts) and was founded in 1972 by Richard Palais in mathematics doctorate (The Analytic Cauchy Problem with Singular Data). Lamport was 1965-1969 Professor of Mathematics at Marlboro College and worked from 1970 to 1977 for Massachusetts Computer Associates. 1977 to 1985 he was at SRI International, and 1985 to 2001 at Digital Equipment Corporation / Compaq (as Senior Consulting Engineer). Since 2001 he works for Microsoft Research.


  • In the formal semantics, he dealt with correctness proofs of parallel algorithms.
  • In the area of ​​distributed systems he examined especially the synchronization process (see Lamport clock, Sequential consistency snapshot algorithm, Byzantine faults).
  • In the temporal logic he introduced the Temporal Logic of Actions (TLA ).
  • In cryptology, he developed in 1979 along with Whitfield Diffie the Lamport - Diffie one-time signature schemes.


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