Lionel Laurent

Lionel Laurent ( born October 10, 1964 in Moutiers ) is a former French biathlete.

Lionel Laurent from Meribel belonged in the 1980s and 1990s to the strongest French biathlete. Since the season 1984/85 started the Athlete of Les Douanes Dauphiné in the Biathlon World Cup. In 1986, he took in Oslo for the first time at biathlon world championships, where he was 45th of Single Page and tenth with the French squadron. In 1987, added a 34th place in the sprint of Lake Placid. At the Olympic Winter Games 1988, he did not participate. In 1989 he again took part in the World Championships, which were held in the year in Feistritzwerke. In the sprint Laurent came on the 51st and 66th place of the sprint race. The 1990 World Cup brought a Kontiolahti 28th rank in the sprint. The Seasons 1991/92 and 1992/93 were the most successful years of the French. In the World Cup he was 28 and 26, 1993, he reached fifth place in a sprint in Lillehammer in the pre-Olympic race his best finish in the World Cup, which he reached in 1994 again in Bad Gastein in individual.

In 1992, Laurent in Albertville part in his first Olympics. In France, he came in an individual to use and has been there 47 Between games, he participated in the World Championships in 1993 in Borovets and was 13 of Single Page and aft with the French squadron. In the team race he won at the side of Gilles Marguet, Thierry Dusserre and Xavier Blonde behind Germany and Russia bronze. At the Olympic Games in 1994 in Lillehammer, he started again in singles and was 32 ​​and won with Dusserre, Patrice Bailly -Salins and Hervé Flandin in a relay race, the bronze medal behind Germany and Russia. In the Biathlon World Championships 1995 in Antholz Laurent was 33 of the sprint. He was more successful in the team race. With Bailly- Salins, Dusserre and Flandin, he won over the German squadron Vice World Championship titles and with Dusserre, Franck Perrot and Stéphane Bouthiaux behind Norway and the Czech Republic the bronze medal in the team competition. End of his career coincided in Osrblie with the Biathlon World Championships in 1997. He came in an individual to use and there was 72, with the team seventh.

After his playing career coach Laurent was and now serves as national coach the French women's team.

Biathlon World Cup rankings

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