Little Cumbrae

Little Cumbrae is a Scottish island. It belongs administratively to the Unitary Authority North Ayrshire.


The island lies in the Firth of Clyde, Little Cumbrae from the around two kilometers away Scottish mainland separated. The nearest railway town there is Portencross. The larger sister island of Great Cumbrae is located 800 m to the north, while the southern tip of the island of Bute is located 2.5 km north-west. Little Cumbrae has a maximum length of 3 km with a maximum width of 1.5 km. Here it occupies an area of 3.13 km2. The earthy, swampy landscape rises gradually to a height of 123 m above sea level.


In 1750 one of the earliest lighthouses of Scotland was built at the highest point of the island. Today the ruins of the Little Cumbrae Old Lighthouse is also classified as a category A listed building. The lighthouse was replaced by a new building on the west coast in the 19th century and is now only preserved as a ruin. During the 19th century, between eleven and 23 people inhabited the island, the number fell from the 20th century. Lastly, given a population of six in the 1991 census. Today, Little Cumbrae is uninhabited. However, there is a significant population of rabbits.

How many British islands located Little Cumbrae in private ownership. 2001, the island was sold and it had plans to establish the island as a luxury holiday destination. However, this was not translated into action and the island eventually sold in 2008 for £ 2.5 million. Today the island is a ethnic Indian yoga teacher who runs a meditation center there.