Loach goby

Rhyacichthys aspro

The Schmerlengrundeln ( Rhyacichthyidae ) are a three types of family grundelartiger fish. Freshwater in Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, occur in the Solomon Islands, on Taiwan, some Japanese Islands and New Caledonia


Schmerlengrundeln are eight to 25 inches long. They have a broad, flattened head with a mouth from constant that has a fleshy upper lip. The eyes are small. The two clearly separated dorsal fins are supported by a total of eight to nine hard and eight to nine soft rays. The anal fin has a fin spines and eight to nine soft rays, the broad pectoral fins 21 to 22 fin rays. The pelvic fins are widely spaced. The lateral line on the head and trunk is well developed.

Can Schmerlengrundeln, similar to the unrelated fins suckers ( Balitorinae ), obtained with the pelvic fins, the flat head base and the ventral side of a suction effect, to hold on in fast-flowing streams of stones.


Within the Grundelartigen i.e.S. ( Gobioidei ) are the Schmerlengrundeln alone or in conjunction with the tooth - Schläfergrundeln ( Odontobutidae ) the basal sister group of all other families.

Genera and species

  • Protogobius Watson & Pöllabauer, 1998 Protogobius Attiti Watson & Pöllabauer, 1998
  • Rhyacichthys aspro ( Valenciennes in Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1837)
  • Rhyacichthys guilberti Dingerkus & Seret, 1992