Louise Platt

Louise Platt ( born August 3, 1915 in Stamford, Connecticut; † 6 September 2003 in Greenport, New York ) was an American actress.

Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1939 she married the theater producer and director Jed Harris. From as early as 1941 again divorced daughter emerged. Another daughter came from his second marriage with the teacher Stanley Gould and Louise Platt up to his death remained married.

After her acting talent was already noticed at high school times a theater producer, Louise Platt came as a theater actor up on the stages of Broadway. At age 23 she came to the 1938 film, was drawn, among others, as the actress Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind into consideration, but did not get the role. Instead, they could in 1939, the year in which appeared Gone also with the Wind, act in another film classic, in the Western Stagecoach by John Ford, after they in the adventure film Pirates in Alaska ( Spawn of the North) had played a bigger role in 1938. In Stagecoach, she played the pregnant officer's wife Lucy Mallory. It became their best-known and probably most important film role, as early as 1942, she left Hollywood and returned to the theater. In the 1950s, 1952-1958, and a second time in 1963 she appeared in the U.S. television.