Lucius Volusius Saturninus (suffect consul 3)

Lucius Saturninus Volusius (* 38 BC; † 56 AD) was a Roman senator of the early imperial period.

He was the son of Lucius Saturninus Volusius, Suffektkonsul in the year 12 BC, and Nonia Polla. Saturninus had a sister, Volusia, and was married to a Cornelia. His two sons were Lucius Saturninus Volusius, a pontiff, and Quintus Volusius Saturninus, who was 56 AD consul. Together with his sons he had a columbarium on the Via Appia. He had a beachcomb reputation and a large, but legally earned wealth. To honor him, the Senate gave after his death at the expense of Nero a state funeral and erected several statues in large temples, theaters and other public buildings in Rome, including a bronze at the Forum of Augustus, two marble in the temple of the divine Augustus, one in Temple of Divus Iulius, one on the Palatine at Tripylumstor, another looking at the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo, to the Curia, another statue representing him as augurs, another equestrian statue and a statue on a sella curulis near the theater Pompey.