Marc Pincherle

Marc Pincherle ( born June 13, 1888 in Constantine, † June 20, 1974 in Paris) was a French musicologist and violinist.

Life and work

Marc Pincherle was born the son of a professional officer in Algeria. He studied at the Sorbonne in Laloy Louis (1874-1944), André Pirro, Romain Rolland and others. When he decided in 1913 to write his doctoral thesis on the life and work of Antonio Vivaldi, the study of the music of the 17th and early 18th century was still in its infancy. As an avid collector and researcher he made in the aftermath an outstanding name. At times, was written by him Pincherle directory ( P), a reference to the identification of Vivaldi's works. It was replaced in the 1970s gradually through the complete Ryom directory.

Pincherles scientific curiosity brought many believed lost works, especially Italian and French Baroque composer, reappear. He was also active as a music publisher, for example, he published works by Leclair, Mondo de Ville or Bois Mortier.

Marc Pincherle was from the foundation, president of the Academy Charles Cros, 1950-1963 Secretary General of the Festival d' Aix -en- Provence, Vice President and President of the Société Française de Musicologie, member of the Académie Royale de Belgique and the Royal Musical Association, London.

Publications (selection)

In addition to numerous articles on the violin technique and the old masters, published

  • Les violonistes - Compositeurs et virtuoso (1922 )
  • Feuilles d' histoire du violon (1927 )
  • Corelli (1933 )
  • Les instruments you quatuor (1947 )
  • Vivaldi: Génie du baroque (1948 )
  • L' orchester de chambre ( Larousse, 1948)
  • Jean -Marie Leclair l' aîné (La Colombe, Paris, 1952)
  • Corelli et son temps ( Éditions Le Bon Plaisir, Paris, 1954)
  • Histoire illustrée de la musique (1959 )
  • Le Monde des virtuoso ( Flammarion, 1961)
  • Le Violon ( Presses universitaires, 1966)
  • Tartiniana ( Giuseppe Tartini ) ( Edizioni Cedam, Padoua, 1972)