Marcus Monk

Marcus Monk ( born April 26, 1986 in Lepanto, Arkansas ) is a retired American professional basketball and American football player. After Monk was selected in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Drafts, he could be in the most highly endowed American football league not prevail and continued his athletic career as a professional basketball player from 2010 on. As a basketball player he played as a professional in the third-rate German ProB and was there 2012 " Player of the Year " in this division.


Monk attended until 2004, the "East Poinsett County High School " as a secondary school and has been awarded as an athlete both as American Footballer and as a basketball player. From the " National Football Foundation ", he was appointed in 2004 as one of four players to the " National High School Scholar - Athlete " in American football and basketball in the same year, "Mr. Basketball of Arkansas " as the best high school player of this U.S. state.

American Football

  • No significant successes

Monk remained from 2004 to study in his native U.S. state and attended the University of Arkansas. There he played for the Razorbacks in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the NCAA. Along with, among others, Darren McFadden reached to the Championship Final 2007, this Conference. In his collegiate career Monk set the school record in 2004 with 37 caught passes as " Freshman " ( college rookie ) and resulted in these statistics within the player of this age group in the SEC. In its third year, 2006, he began as a personal best value 50 passes in 14 games. In his senior year in 2007 he graduated because of knee problems that have been treated surgically, only seven games.

While his team-mate McFadden in 2008 was already selected in fourth place in the NFL Draft, Monk was selected until the seventh round at 248th place. For the Chicago Bears, he got the end of May 2008, four-year contract, which was dissolved on 24 August 2008 before the season starts. Two days later participated in the New York Giants under contract. There, he did not even make it to the season squad, but was only transferred to the training team and finally completely released on 8 September 2008. For the following season he got in April 2009 again a preseason contract with the Carolina Panthers. He graduated from his last preseason game on September 3, 2009 and was then no longer considered and dismissed by the Panthers for the season's squad.


In his first year of college Monk had played 2004/ 05 individual games for the basketball team the Razorbacks in winter. In 2008 he returned to his college and was admitted to the basketball squad. A return to the American football team of the university was no longer possible after four completed seasons. In January 2009, more Match permission for Monk in the NCAA was questioned and he officially canceled in February 2009 from the Player Squad college.

After a return to the NFL in 2009 was also failed, Monk was a professional basketball player and joined in the season 2010/11 the German club Herten Lions playing in the third-class ProB, which officially belongs to the 2nd Basketball Bundesliga. The Lions could not get any license for the higher class ProA after reaching a rise place in the ProB 2009/10. In the 2010/11 play-offs newly created the lion dropped out in the quarter-final series and this time could also sporting the ascent law does not reach. Monk was voted best player of the month November 2010 and peaked in the regular season, the best values ​​of all players in points per game and achieve effectiveness per game. He also achieved a double-double in more than half of the games.

For the subsequent season ProB 2011/12 Monk was obliged by the Oettinger Rockets from Gotha, who had held only by the withdrawal of licenses of other teams the class. The Rockets reached in the regular season in first place in the Southern group and remained in the play- offs for the climbing places undefeated. So they reached not only the dynamic rise right through the finals but also won the championship in the final series of this game class of 2012. Monk was player of the year the ProB, comparable to the Most Valuable Player Award. However, Monk ended his active career followed and did not return.