The passage of Marecchia

The mouth of the Marecchia at Rivabella ( district of Rimini)

The Marecchia is a river with 70 km length in Italy. He was called in ancient times Ariminus and thus gave the city of Rimini his name.


The river arises about 1 km west of Viamaggio (village of Pieve Santo Stefano ) and about 4 km south west of Badia in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany in the Alpe della Luna at 1454 meters above sea level. Approx. 3 km northeast of Badia he steps on the Region of Tuscany in the Emilia-Romagna, where he initially flows through the southwestern municipality of Casteldelci (Province of Rimini). Then he crosses the Tuscan enclaves Ca ' Raffaello and Santa Sofia Marecchia (both Badia ), at the northern end of the Senatello flows from the left. Back in the Province of Rimini he enters the municipality of Pennabilli where in the district of Ponte Massa enters the massage from the right. Now the Marecchia flows Novafeltria, where he draws on downtown east side over and then through the western municipality ( districts Montefotogno, Pietracuta and Torello ) of San Leo. Shortly after Torello hits from the right of the Rio San Marino ( San Marino Torrente also called ) from the 1 km eastern San Marino ( district Acquaviva ). After Verucchio he arrives to Rimini, where first from the right Ausa joins the river, and flows in Rivabella, a district of Rimini in the Adriatic Sea.

Ponte d' Augusto

The Ponte d' Augusto is no longer present today Marecchia, but in an older part of the river that flowed to Roman times still through the center of Rimini.


The Valmarecchia extends over the provinces of Rimini (Emilia -Romagna) and Pesaro and Urbino ( Marche region, only with the communities Montecopiolo, Monte Grimano Terme and Sassofeltrio represented ) and the northwestern part of San Marino ( Ausatal with Acquaviva ) and the municipality of Badia Tedalda in northeastern Tuscany ( Arezzo ). The communities of the Comunità montana Alta Valmarecchia ( Casteldelci, Maiolo, Novafeltria, Pennabilli, San Leo, Sant'Agata Feltria and Talamello ) were closed August 15, 2009 by the Province of Pesaro and Urbino ( Marche region ) to the province of Rimini ( Emilia -Romagna) over. The action of the Marche region in 2010 was rejected by the Italian Constitutional Court. Thus, the Marecchia and Marechiatal is now almost entirely in the south-eastern Emilia.