Marina Massironi

Marina Massironi ( born May 16, 1963 in Legnano, near Milan ) is an Italian actress.

Marina Massironi is the daughter of a carpenter.

First stage experience she gained in the theater for children before studying acting in the early 1980s. Sioe they decided to make cabaret. In 1985 she met Giacomo Poretti. With the trio Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo Massironi appeared in television productions, and later in films.

In 2000, she hired the director Silvio Soldini, who had seen her in the film Fuori dal mondo, for the role of Grazia in the film Pane e Tulipane ( Bread and Tulips ).

Marina Massironi was Giacomo Poretti married. Since 1994 the author Paolo Cananzi is her partner.