The Masovians (Polish: Mazowszanie ) are a westslawischer tribe of Mazovia. They had opened up the large forest areas in north-eastern Poland since the 14th century.

The origin of the Masovians is not fully understood. Their origin is assumed in the equestrian people of Massagetae, but also the Pannonian - Dalmatian tribe of Mazei is not excluded because of the similarity of many toponyms. After that, the name meaning, do " maz ": return big ( mountain name Massarus ).

The Masovians wandered about in the 7th century from the south in their later area to the north, where they were initially hindered by the powerful people of the Galindians whose territory then handed until the Narew from entering Old Prussian tribal areas. However, from this time already leaked a single peaceful settler families in prußisches territory, where they mixed with the natives.

Konrad of Mazovia in 1226 brought the Teutonic Order in Kulmerland. In 1526, the several centuries independent Duchy of Masovia Poland was incorporated. The immigrant for various reasons in East Prussia Masovians merged over the centuries with the Germans and Prussians to a Masurian speaking ethnic group. Their settlement area was called Masuria.

Today, the inhabitants of the Mazovia Voivodeship are called Masovians.