Maupiti is an atoll in the Pacific Ocean. It is located in the middle of the Leeward Islands (French Îles sous le Vent) of the Society Islands and is one of French Polynesia.


Maupiti is a classic atoll structure with a 380 m high volcanic island in the center and a fringing reef, which bear five flat Motus, from. Between the two southern Motus Tiapaa ( east ) and Pitiahe ( west ) is the boot drive-through Onoiau pass. The airport, as well as some B & Bs are on the large northeastern Motu Tuanai. The total land area is 11 km ². Maupiti has 1,248 inhabitants ( as of 2007), of which the majority lives in the capital Vaiea on the east coast of the central island. The next important island is Bora Bora, located 40 km east. Main line of business is the production and marketing of noni ( fruit tree ).


The first European who discovered the island, was the Dutch circumnavigator Jakob Roggeveen in 1722.