Maximilian Haider

Maximilian Haider ( born 1950 in Austria ) is an Austrian physicist.

Haider studied physics at the University of Kiel and the TH Darmstadt, where he received his doctorate in 1987. He became a group leader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory ( EMBL), where he had already carried out the experiments for his dissertation in 1989.

Haider is an honorary professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ( KIT).


In 2011 he was awarded the Wolf Prize in Physics with Harald Rose ( Darmstadt) and Knut Urban ( Jülich) to improve their development of processes, aberrations in electron microscopes, including by means of magnetic multipole ( aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy ). This increased the resolution to about 50 picometers. The joint work of the three began in 1992. Haider built the first prototype and is the founder (1996, with Joachim Zach ), which produces and head of the CEOS ( Corrected Electron Optical Systems ) their new developments.

Haider, Rose and Urban received the 2006 Karl -Heinz Beckurts Prize and the 2008 Honda Award and Haider and Zach ( ie the company CEOS ) 2005 Dr.- Rudolf- Eberle-Prize ( Innovation Award of Baden- Württemberg).

In 2014 he received the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of this year's Knowledge Award.