Meet Bill

Meet Bill is an American comedy film from the year 2007. Was directed by Bernie Goldmann and Melisa Wallack, Melisa Wallack wrote the screenplay.


Bill works as a manager in a bank, which is headed by his father. He has little to do and is frustrated. One day he learns that his wife Jess is having an affair with the television presenter Chip Johnson.

Through a project of Bill Kids will mentor. Kid is in love with the cashier Lucy. Bill and Kid become friends, and Kid Bill helps to organize his life anew. Kid wants Bill makes his wife jealous win them back, and then Lucy is as Bills of new girlfriend.

Bill wants to make a new branch of a Doughnutkette that he would like to conduct independently. To open this, but he needs his wife Jess; for these jumps Lucy one. When he did, however, reconciled at the end with his wife and she is also willing to take him in charge of a store, everything is different. Bill decides to lead a different life, one that makes him happy.


Eddie Cockrell mocked in the magazine Variety of 13 September 2007, the Director and the representations were " subtle as a heart attack ". Eckhart simplifiziere like Cary Grant, Alba had to do until her smile a little. The pictures of the locations in the region of St. Louis were " nicely done ".

David Nusair wrote on Reel Film Reviews, the film was " basically entertaining ", but you can forget it. The intrigues of the screenplay, which lacks a uniform sound, were " increasingly silly " ( " increasingly silly machinations of the film 's screenplay" ). Aaron Eckhart doing " a fantastic job " and turn Bill into a sympathetic figure.


The film was shot in New York, in St Albans and St Louis ( Missouri, respectively ). The world premiere took place on 8 September 2007 at the Toronto International Film Festival. On 15 November 2007 he was shown at the St. Louis International Film Festival.