Mesa Airlines

As U.S. Airways Express

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Charlotte / Douglas International Airport

As United Express

  • Washington Dulles International Airport
  • Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Mesa Airlines, Inc. is an American regional airline based in Phoenix. It is a subsidiary of Mesa Air Group and flies under the umbrella brands United Express for United Airlines and U.S. Airways Express for U.S. Airways as well as for their own brand go!.


The origin of the company is founded by Larry and Jane Risley as a flight Division of JB Aviation 1980 Mesa Air Shuttle. The flight operations began in 1982 with a Piper Chieftain between Farmington and Albuquerque. Over the next 5 years, the company established in New Mexico and built from Albuquerque to the turnstile. Within 10 years, the company has developed into an airline with 38 aircraft and served 63 cities.

In 1989, Mesa Mesa Airgroup than on the stock market and expanded in the same year by a codeshare agreement with Midwest Express its route network by flights from Milwaukee. With the purchase of Aspen Airways in 1990 and acquired by purchasing codeshare agreement with United Airlines flights have been recorded as United Express from Denver. Through further acquisitions by Air Midwest and WESTAIR Mesa received further codeshare with U.S. Airways and United and flew under the name United Express routes in California and the Northwest Pacific Coast. Further expansion took place in 1991 with the founding of Florida Golf Division with codeshare flights for U.S. Airways from Tampa, Florida and with a codeshare agreement with America West. By 1995, 95 % of flights of Mesa Airlines in codeshare for United Airlines, U.S. Airways and America West have been performed.

A check was made in 1997, when United did not extend the codeshare agreement, and then carried out on its own flights in Texas proved to be not profitable. A new management team negotiated a new codeshare agreement with American West and moved its headquarters from Farmington to Phoenix. End of the year 1998, the Company flew with 24 CRJ200, 12 Dash 8 and 79 Beech 1900D.

After Mesa back in the black, they wanted to expand again, and in 1999 became based in Charlotte CCAir and thus more U.S. Airways routes. It secured more regional routes of U.S. Airways and expanded the CRJ fleet further. In addition, 36 new Embraer ERJ 145 were eingeflottet.

In 2000, the codeshare agreement with America West has been extended. 75 % of scheduled flights were re- processed with secure contracts. At the same unreduced Mesa profitable turboprop operations and parted with 17 of the 19 -seater machines. 2001 Mesa announced a new agreement with America West for the use of 40 Bombardier CRJ700 and CRJ900 larger.

The events of 11 September 2001, the airline plunged into a crisis. Mesa immediately began to reduce the cost, separated from the turboprops and worked to become profitable again together with the codeshare Partern. Mesa remained thereafter profitable.

June 9, 2006 Mesa began to air traffic between the Hawaiian islands go with their distinct brand! .


Today flies Mesa Airlines as U.S. Airways Express and United Express, as well as go! every day hundreds of links to over 100 cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.


As of July 2013, the fleet consists of 71 aircraft Mesa Airlines:

  • Bombardier CRJ200 04 ( operated for go! )
  • Bombardier CRJ700 20 ( operated for United Express )
  • Bombardier CRJ900 47 ( 46 is operated for U.S. Airways Express)