Michael Kohlmann

Michael Kohlmann ( born January 11, 1974 in Hagen ) is a German tennis player from Herdecke. His first club was the Herdecker T.C. Green-White 1976.

Tennis career

He won in his career so far five doubles titles (2002 Copenhagen, 2003 Chennai, 2005 Auckland, 2006 Houston, 2007 Zagreb). In the tennis world ranking he reached the highest position as a single in 1998, number 98, in a double it was conducted in March 2007 with number 27.

For Germany he was in the Davis Cup against Australia in 2000 active. In addition, he was nominated for the matches against Croatia in 2002 and Argentina in 2003. In September 2006, Kohlmann made ​​a comeback in the German Davis Cup team when he won the double encounter in the relegation play -off against Thailand together with Alexander Waske.

Also in the 2007 Davis Cup season, he was active in Germany, with doubles partner Alexander Waske he won the pre-decisive 2-1 in the first round against Croatia. In the quarter-final match against Belgium Kohlmann was also used together with Waske in a double which won the two and thus secured the decisive third point for the entry into the Davis Cup semifinals. When on the third day of the match queuing the meaningless single, Kohlmann was used for the already departed Tommy Haas in singles, where he lost in three sets against Christoph Rochus.

In the 2007 season, Michael Kohlmann reached the quarter- finals of the French Open in Paris on the side of Rainer Schuettler.

In early 2007, initiated Kohlmann and Alexander Waske, other active and former German professional tennis player tennis action Germany. The association aims to help to make tennis in Germany again for the foreseeable future most popular sport after football 2.





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