Microsoft Works

Microsoft Works was a simple office suite, completed the following tasks: word processing, spreadsheet, database management and scheduling. However, unlike Microsoft Office, the individual components did not have advanced features, so that for example a spreadsheet document could not contain more than one table at a time, the word processing mastered any named paragraph styles, a database could manage only one table at a time, etc. With the release of Microsoft Office 2010 Works has been discontinued and replaced with Microsoft Office Starter.

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  • 3.2 history
  • Works 4.1 for MS- DOS
  • Works 4.2 for Mac OS
  • Works 4.3 for Microsoft Windows

Target group

Target group of Microsoft Works was the both home. With Microsoft Works the user is done with the help of assistants to the corresponding document. The aim of Works it was not to create comprehensive documentation, spreadsheets and databases. It was given only to the occasional home use, such as occasional correspondence, CD / DVD database, or the like.

From an economic perspective, Microsoft tried to cover the budget segment below of Microsoft Office. It was / SB / DSP sales very common especially in OEM cooperation with a computer, although the competition by other large proprietary products such as Lotus SmartSuite or larger, free and free products such as and web-based online office services such as Google Drive had.



Works tried to assist them in their daily work with assistants the user. This was especially for inexperienced users the opportunity of advantage that would have been overwhelmed with the many functions of an Office package.


From the very first version of a Works database was integrated in the program package, which has been constantly updated further over the years. It could be a basic database operations to perform and data of all kinds, Manage, in conjunction with the Works word processor with mail merge function.


With the help of the Works Spreadsheet calculations could be made into tables. Comparable was this part program with Microsoft Excel. Works but not many supported known from Excel functions and the automation missing using the Visual Basic for Applications.

Word processing

With the Works word processing, simple texts such as letters or essays could write.

The program was similar to Microsoft Word, but many familiar Word features have been omitted. Mathematical formulas could be entered and displayed as in Word as an embedded object.

Works with texts were created in a separate file format with the extension *. Wps saved.

Microsoft Works Suite / Plus

The Microsoft Works Suite was almost identical to the respective Microsoft Works edition. The main difference lay in the fact that in addition to the word processing program of Works a current full version of Microsoft Word with was included. The suites Works to Works 2006 also contained other useful add-on programs for the private ( see below).

Works Plus 2008 included Works 9 with the traditional functions of word processing, spreadsheet, database, calendar, e- mail and Internet tools. The two most important innovations were the Works dictionary with thesaurus and the PowerPoint Viewer. Besides, the document security has been increased by an "auto -save" function. In addition, in Works, Plus was 2008 - over Works 9.0 - first included additional Microsoft Word 2003. This " Word / Works - combination " indeed corresponded to the previous Works Suite, but without the programs Encarta, AutoRoute and Photo Suite.


  • Microsoft Works
  • Microsoft Word

From Works Plus 2008 no longer included:

  • Microsoft Encarta
  • Microsoft Digital Image 2006 "Standard"


  • Microsoft Works Suite 99
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2000
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2001
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2002
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2003
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2004
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2005
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2006
  • Microsoft Works Plus 2008

Revision history

Works for MS -DOS

  • Microsoft Works 1:05
  • Microsoft Works 1:12
  • Microsoft Works 2.0 and 2.0a
  • Microsoft Works 3.0, 3.0a and 3.0b

Works for Mac OS

  • Microsoft Works 1.0
  • Microsoft Works 2.0
  • Microsoft Works 3.0
  • Microsoft Works 4.0

Works for Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Works 2.0 and 2.0a (Windows 3.x)
  • Microsoft Works 3.0, 3.0a and 3.0b (Windows 3.x)
  • Microsoft Works 4.0, 4.0a, 4.5 and 4.5a - (Windows 95/NT 3.5/3.51 )
  • Microsoft Works 2000 ( v.5 ) ( Microsoft Works Suite 2000 )
  • Microsoft Works 6.0 (Microsoft Works Suite 2001 and 2002) - Last version for Windows 95/NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Works 7.0 ( Microsoft Works Suite 2003 and 2004) - Last version for Windows 98 ( original release)
  • Microsoft Works 8.0 (Microsoft Works Suite 2005) - Last version for Windows 98 SE/Me/2000
  • Microsoft Works 8.5 (full version and free upgrade for 8.0 and Microsoft Works Suite 2006, for complete compatibility with Windows Vista)
  • Microsoft Works 9.0 ( Microsoft Works Plus 2008 ) - Last edition of MS Works natively compatible with Vista


With the release of Office 2010, the development of Works was set. Office Starter 2010 is made in their functional restricted versions of the programs Word 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2010. It uses the same file formats *. Docx and *. Xlsx as the full versions of these programs. In many cases, Office Starter 2010 pre-installed with new computers will be delivered. It is offered free of charge, however, contains advertising.

Product support and update programs for Works 9 ended on 9 October 2012, for Works Plus 2008 on 8 January 2013. Enhanced support ( " Extended Support " ), for example, with security upgrades was not operated.