Mithotyn was a Swedish Viking metal band.

Band History

Although the band was founded in August 1992 as Cerberus, no album was released until 1997. After the founding members contactor and Weinerhall had changed their band name to Mithotyn in February 1993, came in the summer of 1993, Larsson and Beckmann to which the first demo was recorded. In May 1994, met singer Helene Blad, the sister of Mathias Blad of Falconer, the band, before two months later the next demo was recorded.

In November contactor left the band. As a replacement came Martinsson, with which the band recorded their third demo in April 1995. Then Blad left the band due to creative differences. Although the band then received several offers from record companies, they refused all because they were supposed to be unprofitable. Instead, a new demo - Promo '96 - added to which they could land a deal with Invasion Records.

In April 1997, the debut album In the Sign of the Ravens, which a year later King of the Distant Forest and again a year later Gathered Around the Oaken Table followed, before the band broke up in 1999 appeared.

The main reason Weinerhall today to the poor sales of the last album, which he attributes to a lack of support from her former label. Furthermore, the band lost their record contract and her own musical interests evolved away from previous styles. Then founded guitarist Stefan Weinerhall the band Falconer, in the drummer also plays Larsson.

Music style

Mithotyns style consisted of very melodic guitar playing, heavy keyboard use and guttural screams, the music was similar to Summoning, In Flames and Satyricon, according to the Tales of the Macabre, however, " even clichéd " and " too cheesy with all these melodic overdoses ."





  • Pagan metal band
  • Swedish band
  • Viking metal band