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The monastery Mori Moon (also Mori mouth) was one of the four primary abbeys of the Cistercian Order, located in present-day Fresnoy -en- Bassigny in the Champagne- Ardenne, France region. It was founded in 1115 AD by Stephen Harding, third abbot of Citeaux, and was one of the Cistercian tradition founded by four daughters monasteries in the vicinity of 100 km of Citeaux, next to the monastery of La Ferté to the south, Pontigny monastery in the West and monastery of Clairvaux in the north. The filiation of Mori Moon 261 monasteries attributed (without the offices of Knight Order of Calatrava, Alcantara, etc.). Of these, 29 direct daughter monasteries of Mori Moon.


Located in the diocese of Langres, Mori Moon of Odelric d' Aigremont and his wife Adeline de Choiseul was promoted. First abbot and one of the pillars of the Cistercians was nine years of German Arnold ( † 1126 ). Only 44 German and 700 otherwise monastery founded by the Cistercians were between 1123 (Kloster Kamp ) and 1305 ( Abbey Stolpe ), from Mori Moon and Clairvaux. Among these early foundations certainly stands out Maulbronn Abbey ( 1147 AD) in Baden- Württemberg, the best preserved medieval monastery north of the Alps and as a World Heritage Site.

The three-aisled cruciform abbey church with just a closed choir, whose sides are all occupied with chapels and connected by a handle, was designed according to the design specification of the Cistercian plain and austere, without towers and artistic jewelry. During the religious wars, in 1572 and 1636 during the Thirty Years' War, Mori Moon was destroyed and abandoned in 1791. Only the church remained, fell in the 19th century but ruin. A fragment of the north aisle of the medieval abbey still stands, also the entrance portal of the 18th century can be found next to the pavilion, arcades and the library.

The name " Mori Moon " from " mori mundo ", can be translated as: " The Wheel of the World". The earthly existence renounced the one who came at the beginning of the 12th century in this Cistercian abbey in Champagne. One of the famous men from Mori Moon was Otto of Freising, the son of Margrave Leopold III of Austria. and his wife Agnes, daughter of Emperor Henry IV He studied in Paris and then entered the Cistercian monastery whose abbot he was. Even Pope Benedict XII. ( Term of office 1334-1342 ), the third of the Avignon popes, began his career as a monk in Mori Moon.

Branch monasteries

Direct daughter monasteries in France

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  • Monastery of La Crête
  • Monastery Beaupré ( Lorraine )
  • Monastery Theuley
  • Abbey Claire Fontaine
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Direct daughter monasteries in Italy

  • Monastery Morimondo

Direct daughter monasteries in the British Isles

Direct daughter monasteries in Germany

  • Klosterkamp
  • Monastery Ebrach
  • Kloster Altenberg
  • George Monastery Thal

Direct daughter monasteries in Austria

  • Rein
  • Stift Heiligenkreuz

Direct daughter monasteries in Spain

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Direct daughter monasteries in Poland

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  • Monastery Sulejow
  • Monastery Wąchock
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Direct daughter monasteries in the Levant

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