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Clairvaux (from the Latin Clara Vallis " bright valley ") is a former Cistercian abbey and is about 55 km to the east and 10 km south of Troyes in the valley of the Aube between the northwestern foothills of the plateau of Langres, 15 km upstream of the town of Bar -sur- Aube. It now belongs to the municipality of Ville- sous- la- Ferté Aube in the south east of the Champagne -Ardenne region.


The abbey was founded in 1115 by Bernard of Clairvaux and twelve monks. It is one of four primary abbeys ( first daughter monasteries ) of Citeaux. Clairvaux was the starting point of a major filiation.

The monastery of Clairvaux in 1791 as a result of the French Revolution abolished and mostly used as a prison in 1808 ( to date). In the remaining parts of the building a museum is housed, which is freely accessible.

Cultural transmission

In addition to the political, geo-strategic and economic impacts associated with the filiation of Clairvaux, particular importance is the architecture that has been developed and disseminated by the mother monastery of Clairvaux, too. In general, the design and execution of monastic works contracts the Tertiaries ( " lay brothers " ) were transferred to the respective monastery. The daughter of Clairvaux monasteries were connected not only theologically personnel with the mother monastery, but also in the specific form of architectural design that is all daughter monasteries Clairvaux ' together. The individual daughter monasteries were thereby conducting designed by architects, who had been sent there from the mother monastery. Mooring, this can be in addition to the general adherence to a specific, Romanesque embossed design of the exterior and interior building especially on a detail within the ribbed vault. It is the special form of ribbed - design, which is the mother monastery of Clairvaux and all its subsidiary monasteries together. The design, the cross ribs was very variable in the Middle Ages and was able to accept a wide variety of cross-sectional shapes. In Clairvaux there is a specific form: the so-called box rib. It is a cross rib of boxy or square cross section. This can be determined only at Clairvaux and his daughter monasteries. The remaining zisterzienischen monasteries (or the monasteries of other orders) preferred other rib shapes.

An important effect of this form of loyalty is that thus can be detected overlaps with secular Construction. In general, the secular Construction of the Middle Ages is much worse explored as the church. The source location is in this area tend to be much thinner than in the church. In the case of architecture in the territory of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, it is possible to detect these ribs form also in numerous Burgenbauten that have been built during his reign there. This applies, for Castel del Monte, but also for many other castles. Is the source of default, shows that Frederick II of the Italian subsidiary monasteries Clairvaux ' SFO requested, not only for the administration of his Sicilian kingdom, but also for the execution of numerous construction projects, which he in the early days of its imperial period (starting in 1220 ) in Southern Italy was in order. The use of these eye-catching, specifically associated with Clairvaux and his daughter monasteries rib shape is an additional, more striking proof of the personal connection that existed between the monastery construction companies and the masons who carried out the imperial castles and forts.

Branch monasteries

Direct daughter monasteries in France

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  • Fontenay Abbey
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  • Monastery Clairmarais
  • Monastery Valence
  • Monastery Larrivour
  • Monastery of La Prée
  • Monastery of Val -Richer
  • Monastery Belleperche
  • Abbey Beaulieu -en- Rouergue
  • Monastery Grandselve
  • Monastery Savigny with 75 subsidiary monasteries
  • Monastery Fontmorigny
  • Monastery Aubepierre
  • Monastery Longuay
  • Abbey Loos
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  • Monastery Clairmont
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  • Monastery Mores
  • Monastery Peyrouse
  • Monastery Les Châtelliers
  • Monastery of Mont -Sainte -Marie
  • Monastery of La Charité (Burgundy )

Direct daughter monasteries Germany and Switzerland

  • Monastery Himmerod (D)
  • Kloster Eberbach (D)
  • Monastery Bonmont (Switzerland)

Direct daughter monasteries in Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Abbey of the Dunes (B )
  • Abbey of Villers -la -Ville (B )
  • Abbey Alder (B )
  • Monastery Cambron (B )
  • Monastery Klaarkamp ( NL)

Direct daughter monasteries in Italy

  • Monastery of Chiaravalle Milanese
  • Monastery of Chiaravalle della Colomba
  • Monastery Casamari
  • Monastery of Tre Fontane in Rome
  • Monastery Cabuabbas
  • Convent of Santa Maria delle Paludi
  • Monastery of San Pietro della Canonica
  • Monastery of San Gaudenzio

Direct daughter monasteries in the British Isles

Direct daughter monasteries in Portugal and Spain

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  • Mosteiro de Alcobaça
  • Monastery Lafões
  • Monastery Salzedas
  • Monastery Moreruela
  • Monastery of La Santa Espina
  • Monastery Oseira
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  • Monastery Melón
  • Monastery Valparaiso
  • Monastery Meira
  • Monastery Acibeiro
  • Monastery Montederramo
  • Monastery Armenteira
  • Monastery Oya

Direct daughter monasteries in Scandinavia

  • Monastery Alvastra
  • Monastery Nydala
  • Esrom Monastery

Direct daughter monasteries in Hungary

  • Abbey of Zirc
  • Monastery Szentgotthárd


In Clairvaux monastery following persons appeared:

  • Bernard of Clairvaux (Abt, † 1153 )
  • Gerard of Clairvaux (Monk, † 1138 )
  • Henry of Marcy (Abt, † 1189 )
  • David Himmerod (Monk, † 1179 )