Mr. Nobody (film)

  • Jared Leto: Nemo Nobody
  • Sarah Polley: Elise
  • Linh Dan Pham: Jeanne
  • Toby Regbo: 15 -year-old Nemo
  • Juno Temple: 15- year-old Anna
  • Thomas Byrne: eight years of Nemo
  • Clare Stone: 15 -year-old Elise
  • Natasha Little: Nemo's mother
  • Rhys Ifans: Nemo's father
  • Michael Riley: Harry
  • Daniel Mays: Journalist
  • Allan Corduner: Dr. Feldheim
  • Unlike Morris: Noah
  • Emily Tilson: Joyce

Mr. Nobody is a romantic fantasy drama from director and screenwriter Jaco Van Dormael from the year 2009.

  • 2.1 Production Overview
  • 2.2 locations


Mr. Nobody deals in a fantastic story with the difficulties and implications of decisions. The story tells about a nine year old boy, Nemo Nobody, who must choose at a train station, if he go along after the divorce of his parents with his mother and wants to stay with his father.

During the deliberation Nemo is diverse characters, including yourself that. Presentation in front of a scene change between the different scenarios are always rebuilt off and on again In his reasoning, the best decision for the child relies on his omniscience of the things about which it has since it was overlooked by the " Angels of Madness ", which take loud story for all children before their birth their knowledge. This factor allows the boys very distinct representations of its possible future, which, however, he actually experienced in some way. This can be seen as the protagonist when changing the scenarios - which happens frequently to represent the indecision - hires even confusion.

There are during the process of decision- choice three basic ideas, between which the main character changes. During this bring new decisions partly results, which do not like Nemo, so he rewinds and tried other versions, but it remains at the origin. The three options differ in particular by the fact that for the three girls: Anna, Elise or Jeanne, whom he knows from his hometown, he will decide later. Anna learns Nemo to know better than he initially followed his mother, Elise, he meets while he takes care of his father, and his relationship with Jeanne is the result of an escalation, as the path with Elise initially does not want to work. The latter route in this case represents how they affect the various thoughts to each other, because he makes the decision to let Elise's behavior fell against him in such a large scale, in many respects his mother because. While he witnessed plenty of separations with Anna, but finds himself at the end of this scenario out in a very fortunate position he has with the other two much deeper problems. Elise's resulting depression, for example, develops from the compulsion with which he was heading both to the relationship.

The story of the film begins at the end of the three paths, as Nemo, 118 years old, in a future in which the almost -won immortality has been achieved, a journalist reports on his decisions. He keeps trying to tell his interlocutor that they are both forms of the boy's ideas but it only understands little.

Philosophical theories

While he makes the decision, Nemo meets some phenomena that have an impact on the success of his ideas, such as chaos theory or the butterfly effect. These are processed in the movie in a scenario in which he presents as an actor philosophical theories in the course of a documentary.


Production overview

The first ideas of screenwriter and director Jaco Van Dormael related in 2001 actually on a 11 -minute short film, which he had completed in the 1980s. When he was finished with the first drafts, he was very deviated and apart from that bothered him about the subject of the former film, some spoke at this time released movies, for example, Run Lola Run, with similar motives, against a production of the film. Pre-production began in February 2007 with the casting of the actress Sarah Polley, followed by the occupation of other leading roles .. Filming began on 4 June 2007 and lasted 25 weeks.

The budget of the film was 47 million U.S. dollars.


  • Brussels
  • ACB Factory in Anderlecht
  • Watermael -Bois Fort in Brussels
  • Montréal ( Québec)
  • Beaconsfield (Quebec )
  • Kirkland (Québec)
  • Sainte -Anne- de -Bellevue (Québec)
  • Ottawa (Ontario)
  • Babelsberg film studios in Potsdam
  • Berlin
  • Main station in Leipzig
  • Leipzig / Halle Airport in Schkeuditz
  • Grand Central Terminal


" [ ... ] As a " Benjamin Button " for intellectuals treated the film very complex concepts, such as the infinite number of possibilities offered human life, in an entertaining way. It follows the hero Nemo Nobody ( age 0 to 118 ) through various life he would have led due to different decisions. This English-language co-production with big-budget shows that Europeans govern elaborate productions in the science fiction field in the ( technically ) able to keep up. [ ... ] "

" [ ... ] In " Mr. Nobody "there is no emotional wing beat, which would trigger a storm of passion. Approaches to this - such as in the wonderfully carefree occasion to end Teen Love Story - fizzle out quite quickly in a picture labyrinth without Ariadne's thread that leads only into soulless virtuosity. [ ... ] "


  • As a backdrop for the studio of the series " The last mortal ", which is sent from " New New York Hospital", was among other things the architecture of the Marie- Elisabeth- Lüders -Haus, which was supplemented by computer animations to high-rise buildings.