Anderlecht is a municipality of the Brussels- Capital Region. It is named after the main town itself Brussels and Schaerbeek / Schaerbeek the third largest of the 19 Brussels municipalities.


Anderlecht has grown together structurally with adjacent municipalities of the Brussels Region. It is located in the southwest of the capital, next to Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels ( on the border, the Anderlecht Real Tor / Anderlechtsepoort ), Saint-Gilles ( in the area of ​​South Station ) and Forest / Vorst and to the Flemish municipalities Sint -Pieters -Leeuw and Dilbeek.

At Anderlecht include the settlements Veeweyde, Aa, Het Rad, Vogelzang, Meylemeersch, Neerpede, Vlasendaal, Bon Air, Broeck, Scherdemaal, Peterbos, small island and be shy.


In recent years, the city is characterized by a high proportion mainly Turkish, Moroccan, Arabic, Albanian and black African immigrants. According to newspaper reports Imagine Anderlecht to no- go areas have developed, so districts into which the police into no-go.


The municipality has a medieval center with the Erasmus House and the Gothic Church of St. Peter and Guido.

Economy and infrastructure

The Erasmus Hospital of the Free University of Brussels and the shopping center Westland are among the largest in Brussels respectively. Anderlecht is home to the main headquarters of the Delhaize Group.

Anderlecht is the seat of the famous chocolate manufacturer Leonidas.


The Brussels Metro Line 5 opens Anderlecht to the stations Jacques Brel, Aumale, Sint- Guido ( in the center of the village ), Veeweide, Bizet, Het Rad, Coovi, Eddy Merckx and Erasmus. The line 2 reaches its terminus with Clemenceau Anderlecht Real municipality. Tram 56 runs through the center Anderlecht, the lines 20 and 83 by the North.

By Anderlecht Brussels motorway ring run (R0 ) and the canal Charleroi -Brussels.


Anderlecht is the home of the most successful Belgian football club RSC Anderlecht. Venue is the Constant Vanden Stock stadium in the Astrid Park.


Anderlecht has twinning closed with the following European cities:

  • Berlin- Neukölln, Germany ( since 17 June 1955)
  • Hammersmith and Fulham, London, UK, since 1955
  • Boulogne- Billancourt, France, since 1955
  • Zaandam, The Netherlands, since 1955
  • Marino, Italy, since 1976

Moreover, since 2000, there is a city friendship pact with Sainte -Maxime, France.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Guy of Anderlecht († 1012), patron saint of Anderlecht
  • Philippe Thys (1890-1971), cyclist and first triple winner of the Tour de France
  • Germaine Schneider (1903-1945), Belgian-Swiss resistance fighter
  • Dineur Fernand (1904-1956), cartoonist
  • Constant Vanden Stock (1914-2008), entrepreneur, football player and functionary
  • Keteleer Désiré (1920-1970), cyclist
  • Régine (* 1929), chanson singer, actress and nightclub entrepreneur
  • William Vance ( born 1935 ), cartoonist
  • Tonia ( b. 1947 ), singer
  • Henri Seroka ( b. 1949 ), composer
  • Filip Peeters (born 1962 ), actor
  • Ivan Paduart (born 1967 ), jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer
  • John M'Bumba ( b. 1983 ), French boxer
  • Gil Suray ( born 1984 ), cyclist
  • Anthony Vanden Borre ( * 1987), football player