Mu stands for:

  • Mu ( Continent), legendary vanished continent
  • Mu (philosophy), nothing in the Chinese and Japanese philosophy, emptiness
  • Mu (rocket), Japanese carrier rocket
  • Mu ( logs), one of the six tribes of Tibetans (see Sinmo )
  • My, Greek letter μ ( English letters)
  • Sekpele (voice ) (also Mu ), a language of the people of Sekpele in southeastern Ghana Hohoe north of the border to Togo
  • A Chinese square measure, see Old dimensions and weights (China)

Mu is the name of:

  • Mu ( Baekje ) ( 600-641 ), king of Baekje, see List of rulers of Korea # Baekje (18 BC -660 AD)


  • Mu Shouqi (1874-1947), Chinese politicians in Gansu and well-known scholar
  • Mu Shuangshuang ( born 1984 ), Chinese Weightlifting

MU is an abbreviation for:

  • China Eastern, a Chinese airline based in Shanghai, according to the IATA code
  • Cuba, according to the ICAO code
  • Market unit, the area of ​​a strategic alliance between two or more companies
  • Mathematics teaching
  • Mauritius, the country designation according to ISO 3166
  • Minimum turnover
  • SME Union
  • Moonset, as the date of the astronomical event
  • Monsters University, the original title of the American animated film Monsters University
  • University of Leoben
  • Metro Station Muggenhof the Nuremberg U -Bahn

MU as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Manchester
  • Austria: Murau
  • Spain: Murcia ( discontinued)
  • Turkey: Foreigners with residence permit

Mu is an abbreviation for:

  • Muthesius Academy in Kiel, with its transformation of a former college of art and design in an art college in 2005, the most recent art school in Germany

Mu is the abbreviation for:

. mu is the abbreviation for:

  • . mu, country code top -level domain of Mauritius
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