Munster (disambiguation)

Munster stands for:

  • A city in Lower Saxony, see Munster ( Örtze), see also: Truppenübungsplatz Munster
  • A medieval kingdom in Ireland, see kingdoms and principalities in Ireland
  • A town in the French department of Moselle, see Munster (Moselle)
  • A town in the French department of Haut-Rhin, see Munster ( Haut-Rhin)
  • A French canton in Alsace, see Canton Munster
  • A place in the South African province of KwaZulu -Natal, see Munster (South Africa)

Places in the United States:


  • The French term for an Alsatian specialty cheese, see Munster (cheese)

Number of people:

  • Jan van Munster ( born 1939 ), Dutch artist
  • Margret van Munster (1919-2010), German stage and film actress

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