Diaphus splendidus

The lantern fish -like or lantern fish relatives ( Myctophiformes ) are an order of bony fishes ( Osteichthyes ). They live in the world of the deep sea, the day in the mesopelagic in depths from 300 to 1200 meters. At night they rise to food intake to 10 to 100 meters depth. There are two families, 35 genera and about 254 species.


The fish are 4 to 30 inches long. They have a narrow body, often an adipose fin and a large, terminated its mouth. Their swim bladder is relatively small. All species have pearly light organs that are arranged differently depending on the type.


  • Lantern fish ( Myctophidae )
  • Laternenzüngler ( Neoscopelidae )

In addition to the extant families extinct family Sardinioididae yet been described, which must be assigned as a subfamily Sardinioidinae the Neoscopelidae possibly.