New Beat

New Beat is a music style in Elektronik-/House-Bereich, the elements of different genres such as EBM, Hi- NRG and acid house and picks combined. The style originated in Belgium in 1988 and was regarded as a parallel movement to European acid house wave.


According to legend, New Beat was invented by the Belgian DJ Marc Grouls when he accidentally ( recorded in 1986 ) single " Flesh" of the Belgian synth - rock and EBM formation A Split - Second with 33 instead of 45/min played. The deliberately slower playing 45's Singles and maxi-singles spread quickly in the Belgian club scene and the ponderous New Beat was a counter-trend to the then already popular acid house wave.

According to former protagonists New Beat was expressly not influenced by the American Detroit Techno and Chicago House. New Beat rather hit the taste of the Belgian underground club scene in which music projects such as Front 242 and The Neon Judgement were successful for some time. In 1988, appeared in the November issue of the magazine SPEX, a first German article about the Belgian EBM and New Beat scene.

The style influenced techno and house scene in the early 1990s in Europe. The Euro Dance, but also the hardcore techno has its roots in the various versions of the New Beat. Some New -Beat - integrated producers rap passages in their tracks (where the boundaries between New Beat and Hip House strongly blurred ), others took advantage of hard and aggressive sounding synth sounds.


  • A Split - Second
  • ACT 46
  • Amnesia
  • Code 61
  • Confetti's
  • Erotic Dissidents
  • Lords of Acid
  • Magic Matze
  • Nejet nok
  • Major Problem
  • Miss Nicky Trax
  • Grammar Noire
  • Rhythm Device
  • Signal Aout 42
  • T99
  • Tragic Error


  • Antler - Subway Records
  • Music Man
  • R & S Records

Music videos

  • Lords of Acid: I Sit on Acid (Live)