Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb is an EBM project, which was founded in Chelmsford (England) in 1982 by three teenagers Bon Harris, David Gooday and the lead singer Douglas McCarthy. With the choice of the band name and the unusual for the English language " tz " wanted to distance themselves Nitzer Ebb of the British music scene.

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Among the musical heroes of Nitzer Ebb include DAF, Kraftwerk, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Krupps and Malaria!. From a unique collaboration with Die Krupps Machineries of Joy The result, a remake of the title True work - True wage, which had a moderate success in the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts.

Band History


Nitzer Ebb were founded in 1982 by Bon Harris, Douglas McCarthy and David Gooday in Chelmsford. 1985 appeared on the band's own label Power of Voice, the single Is not It Funny How Your Body Works. The first success and the first attention in the trade magazines learned the youthful trio with their debut album That Total Age on Mute Records, the label of Daniel Miller, standing on the Depeche Mode among others under contract. As the opening act for Depeche Mode on the European tour in 1988 Nitzer Ebb excited mainly in Germany, France, Belgium and Scandinavia attention.

After some changes, the trio fell to Bon Harris and Douglas McCarthy. The next album Showtime (1990 ) contains the best-selling single - compilations taken and Lightning Man Getting Closer. It was followed by an extensive world tour, a highlight for Nitzer Ebb. A year later, the EP As Is, including the produced by Alan Wilder Come Alive appeared. 1992 McCarthy worked with at his side project Recoil and took the Alex Harvey Cover Faith Healer on. Experimenting with rock elements to the next by Flood and Alan Wilder -produced album Ebbhead was criticized by many fans and the sales figures achieved in comparison with the previous works of a low point. The musical turning point with Big Hit 1995 should provide for a turnaround, but who reached the opposite. The members of Nitzer Ebb then went their separate ways.

1997-2006: Activities after separation

Bon Harris appeared later as a producer for Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins. Singer McCarthy appeared again in 1997 on the side of Alan Wilder Recoil in and contributed to two tracks on the album Unsound Methods vocally with. After his wedding, the now 30 -year-old McCarthy began with a study of design and film studies at Cambridge. After his successful graduation, he worked as a video and film designer in London.

A fan of Nitzer Ebb - - five years later the French techno DJ Terence Fixmer McCarthy persuaded to cooperate. Created for Novamute Fixmer first a remix of Let Your Body Learn; the B-side includes a remix of hacker Control I'm Here. Among other remixes of Shame and Join in the Chant of Derrick May and T. Heckmann exist. Under the project name Fixmer / McCarthy later released the albums Between the Devil (2004) and Into the Night (2008).

2006- today: The Comeback

After numerous requests to Bon Harris and Douglas McCarthy decided together again act as Nitzer Ebb. Their first reunion concert took place at the Wave -Gotik-Treffen in June 2006 in front of several thousand visitors. When Mute Records comeback was honored with the best-of album Body of Work 1984-1997, accompanied by a tour with numerous appearances in 2006. Since September 2007, again Jason Payne Member of Nitzer Ebb. Jason Payne was in 1995 a member of Nitzer Ebb.

2007 and 2008 were Nitzer Ebb on festivals and in clubs. In 2009 they went on tour with four concerts in Europe in June and seven concerts in America in November. In early 2010 Nitzer Ebb were seen as the opening act for Depeche Mode. Parallel to this, she led her Industrial Complex tour as headliners across Europe.

Nitzer Ebb published on 22 January 2010 their latest album Industrial Complex.

Mid-2011 Nitzer Ebb toured with the German band Die Krupps through Europe and published together with this limited edition of 500 copies EP Join in the Rhythm of Machines. This includes 4 songs, which were composed of two Nitzer Ebb and Die Krupps two. The songs were produced that each of the other strip. The EP was only sold on the tour and each copy handwritten signed by both bands.

In November 2012, the first DVD released by Nitzer Ebb on the market. On NE HH: Live at the Market Hall concert Nitzer Ebb is seen December 29, 2011 in Hamburg Markthalle.

In the ongoing in 2012 artistic break from Nitzer Ebb was dedicated to Douglas McCarthy his solo debut, which was released on 23 November 2012, under the name of Kill Your Friends on Pylon Records.