North American Airlines

North American Airlines is an American charter airline based in New York City and based on the local John F. Kennedy International Airport.


North American Airlines, founded in 1989, the Flying operations began on 20 January 1990. Founder of the airline is Dan McKinnon, who had already collected as chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, which organized mainly feeder flights for the Israeli El Al and Club Med experience.

First charter flights were operated with Boeing 757-200, first line flights followed during the 1990s, for example, flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, feeder flights for El Al were next performed. With the expansion accompanied some Boeing 767 -300ER were eingeflottet for long-haul flights.

Besides McKinnon still engaged with the airline El Al and held 24.9 percent of the shares, sold them off in July 2003 McKinnon. In April 2005, North American Airlines was acquired by World Air Holdings. On April 5, 2007 New ATA Holdings bought from ( today's Global Aero Logistics ) of the World Air Holdings all their North American airlines, including the North American Airlines to expand globally.

In November 2013 announced North American Airlines, together with its parent company Global Aviation Holdings and World Airways sister for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on. The operation is to be maintained and restructured.


North American Airlines operates since 2008 no scheduled flights under its own name longer. This led last example to Accra in Ghana and Georgetown in Guyana. Today, it mainly offers domestic and international charter flights and leased its own fleet. In addition, North American Airlines operates as mandated by the United States Department of Defense troops flights that often result from the airports of Leipzig / Halle and Nuremberg.


As of September 2013 the fleet of North American Airlines consists of five aircraft:

  • 5 Boeing 767 -300ER