NX stands for:

  • No Execute, NX bit, a technology that storage areas in computers as non-executable marks
  • NoMachine NX, a remote desktop software
  • NX (Siemens ), a CAD / CAM / CAE system

NX as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Thessaloniki, kept free for future approvals (without NXA, NXY )
  • UK: Stockton -on-Tees
  • Norway: Notodden in Telemark province

NX is the IATA code the following airlines:

  • Air Macau, Chinese airline ( IATA code )
  • Nationair Canada, Canadian airline ( IATA code )

See also:

  • Nissan 100NX, a house built in the 1990s, small sports coupe
  • National Express Group ( " NX Group" ), a British transport companies
  • " NX -01 " is the fictional spaceship from Jonathan Archer from the TV series Enterprise
  • Nox (nx) ( traditional unit of illuminance) - Today Lux (unit)
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