One Man Army (band)

One Man Army is a punk rock band founded in 1996 in San Francisco.


The band was founded by Jack Dalrymple of the Swingin ' Utters ( guitarist and vocalist ), Brandon Pollack ( drums) and James Kotter ( bass). In 1998 the debut album Dead End Stories was published by Adeline Records. At this point, Kotter had already been replaced by Heiko Schrepel. The group's second album, Last Word Spoken, was produced by Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong and published in 2000. Thereafter, they switched to BYO Records, where another album as well as a split EP appeared with Alkaline Trio. Drummer Pollack had previously been replaced by Chip Hanna of the U.S. Bombs. In 2004, the band announced their separation.

2011 plans were announced for a reunion of the band. The cast is now back from Jack Dalrymple, Heiko Schrepel and Brandon Pollack.