OP stands for:

  • Head of Operation at Fleet Command ( Flag Officer )
  • Air Panama International, IATA code of a former state-owned airline of Panama
  • Channel operator on Internet Relay Chat
  • Oberhessische Press, a regional newspaper for the district of Marburg -Biedenkopf, which is laid on weekdays
  • Compulsory program as part of the Swiss military service, see Shooting beings out of service
  • Observation post ( German: observation point ), a military outpost ( see, eg, Observation Post North )
  • Offenbach-Post, a regional daily newspaper, which mainly finds its distribution area in the city of Offenbach am Main and in the Offenbach district
  • Unpaid item, a term used in accounting
  • Open point, that is, for example, a software error, which is yet to fix, see patch (software)
  • Omnes pro, often in a connection- related student expression used for a unanimous result
  • One Piece, a manga series and its Anime implementation
  • Operation (medicine), an instrumental surgery on or in the body of a patient for the purpose of therapy, less frequently, the diagnosis
  • Operating room, a special room in a hospital or doctor's office, be performed in the operations
  • Operation ( military ) so that temporally and spatially coherent actions of forces on the one hand, in the military sense is directed toward a common goal
  • Operational amplifier, an integrated component in the electronics
  • Operator Panel, an operating unit for machine control, see User Interface
  • Orange Pekoe, a grade of black tea
  • Original post on the Usenet, click the first post in a thread (Internet)
  • Original posters on the Usenet, those who created the first ( original ) post in a thread (Internet)
  • Original package of a drug as a shortcut on the prescription
  • Overhead projector, the overhead projector
  • Overpowered in the gaming scene
  • Pakistan after the ICAO code
  • The Opera metro station, home of the Nuremberg U -Bahn

OP as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Rhein- Wupper -Kreis ( discontinued)
  • Greece: Orestiada
  • Netherlands: semi-trailer
  • Austria: District Oberpullendorf
  • Poland: county-level city of Opole
  • Czech Republic: Okres Opava, German: Opava ( discontinued)

O.P. stands for:

  • Automobiles OP, was a French manufacturer of automobiles
  • Ordo fratrum praedicatorum, Order of Preachers, Latin for the Order of the Dominicans

Op stands for:

  • Opus ( work )

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